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Thread: New French Scam

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    New French Scam

    I received this email unshure of what to think. They have already sent me a check for $2,000 I have no intentions of putting this through my personal account or even through a new account at my same bank. I have researched this company with no results can someone help.

    Here is step by step explanation of entire process:

    1. You agree with our contract and are ready to process payments.
    2. We advertise our products and in 4-5 days after you agreed with terms you start to receive payments from our customers (money orders, checks) made payable to your name and address for instant processing
    3. You cash one payment (check or money order) - at the bank or check cashing store
    4. You deduct your 10% from total amount of the check or money order that you receive and cash.
    5. You transfer us 90% minus transfer costs (the transfer costs are paid from our 90%) with bank to bank transfer
    6. You receive another payment and you process it.

    This job implies only checks/money orders cashing, nothing else is required to work for us. We will never ask you any fees to work for us. If you know to cash a check, this is the job for you. Please don't expect to earn thousands of dollars in the first weeks, we promise that you will earn more than $5,000 every month but first we have to advertise our products in US, you will surely make $600 every week in your first month of work.

    To begin this job we need your FULL NAME AND ADDRESS (your postal address -- home address) FOR PAYMENTS that will be mailed (shipped) to your postal address:

    Full name:
    City, State, Zip code:
    Phone number:

    The money orders and cashier checks that will be processed by you can be cleared same day you receive the USPS delivery.

    If you agree with the contract and want to start the job Your response with your name and address is expected today.

    From the moment we have your approval that you agree with all terms of the contract and your name and address we will start the advertising program and ask customers to send checks and money orders to your address.

    Thank you
    Image Software, Inc.
    Carol Elise - Support Team
    Address: 98 blvd. Malesherbes 75007 Paris, France
    Phones: +33 (497) 992600 or +33 (497) 992602, USA Fax Number: 850-308-1671

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    Re: New French Scam

    why did you reply to this company if you're skeptical...
    I've joined as well... and it does state if you keep that cheque sent to you they will prosicute for theft.

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    Re: New French Scam

    Do not Cash that check. I am in the middle of an 7600.00 dollar fiasco. My bank said the check cleared, I took the money and wired it as directed and now both CASHIER CHECKS have come back as fraudulent. This is a scam. Report them to your Attorney General and carrerbuilder.com or what ever bulletin board you saw this posted. a Supervisor at my bank is telling me they had a very similar scam in Rhode Island where many people were cheated.

    this just happened to me today and I am still trying to figure out what matter of recourse I have.

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    Re: New French Scam

    It's not new. There must be 200 threads on this board talking about this scam.
    They won't prosecute you. Call the FBI

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    Re: New French Scam

    Here's another version of what appears to be the same scam -- these people submege and very quickly resurface as a different entity. The message, below (dated 10/17/2005), is in reply to an inquiry I made of the company after receiving a position announcement similar to that shown, from a national (name withheld) jobs board. As it has already been shown everyone should be aware and stay away from this... Good Luck to all!
    __________________________________________________ ____________

    Dear prospective employee,

    In order to start working with us, you need to have or
    willing to open an account with our partner bank,
    Wells Fargo. You will use this account for receiving
    the payments from our clients.
    If you have an account with Wells Fargo Bank, just
    send us your full name along with your address and a
    phone number where you can be reached during the day
    and we will send you the employment agreement and
    contract for you to review.
    If you do not have an account with Wells Fargo Bank,
    you need to follow a simple procedure which consists
    in opening a free checking account. You can apply for
    it online at www.wellsfargo.com or at the nearest
    Your work with our company consists in receiving
    payments from our clients to your Wells Fargo Bank
    account and making further payments to our main office
    or to one of our regional affiliate departments,
    depending on the customer's location. It should not
    take more than 2 hours per day.
    Your commission is 6% from each transaction (payment
    fees are covered in totality by our company). You will
    be responsible for making proper payments in time
    (maximum 24 hrs. since the successful receipt). Each
    transaction will be made only after prior notification
    via email or phonecall. The next step will be for us
    to send you the employment agreement which you are
    required to sign and fax back to us if you agree to
    the employment terms. Once we get over these steps we
    will have the transfers sent to your account on a
    daily basis.
    Please email us back and let us know if you have any
    other questions.
    Thank you anticipated and we are looking forward to
    working with you,

    Stephany Wattson
    Department of Human Resources

    COMPANY NUMBER 04739897
    LONDON, E2 2JD
    Fax: +44 845 1274947
    Phone: +44 845 1274947

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    Re: New French Scam

    Oh yes, that's a scam. There's *is* a company called Medal Ltd with company number 04739897, and it's even at that address..

    ..except, it's a restaurant!

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