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    NRG Paid Surveys

    NRG Paid Surveys.

    Anybody heard of this? I tried the Search feature on this site but turned up nothing on this one in particular. The e-mail they send you if you're in college says something to the effect that this offer is exclusively being done through your university. It says for $29.95 you can join their team and make between $600-900 a week. The things I've noticed about this so far that are specious are as follows:

    >They say it is being done exclusively through your university, but I've already run into 2 or 3 other college students at different universities who have been sent the same form letter.

    >They claim you can make $600-900 a week, but even on their testimonials page their highest paid happy customers report only about 1/4 of this.

    >It's very high pressure. I replied to the original offer with one, two-word e-mail, and have gotten five or six personalized e-mails back in the subsequent three days. At once they're telling you "get in while you can; space is limited," but at the same time they just lowered my entry fee offer from $29.95 to $9.95 for expressing interest and then not responding for a few days.

    Overall, it sounds too good to be true, and you all know the saying that goes with that. However, as a stereotypically broke college student, I would be interested in this offer if I could even make an extra $25 a week. I've checked this company with a few scam sites and the BBB, but can't find anything on it. I know it could just be too recent. So what do you know about these types of businesses? I don't care if they're turning a profit with one-time signup fees as long as I make a little extra cash every week. I'm interested as long as this is not outright fraud (credit card theft, sensitive computer information theft, etc.). Anybody know anything about this?

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    Re: NRG Paid Surveys

    Hey, I attend NC State and a lot of students i know also got this email. It looks like it is "too good to be true." I did some searching and found a similair forum on google: http://www.screwedcentral.com/ubb/Fo...ML/000432.html

    Most importantly I saw:
    Originally posted by aes0110:
    Excuse me, I am not a rocket scientist but I am a professional woman. DO NOT JOIN NRG SURVEYS. They somehow got my email an had a great offer of membership for $30. I ignored them and they offered for $10. I figured 10 is not a lot to see what this is about. IT'S TRUE. A lot of companies did not exist or outdated sites and most of them enter you into "sweepstakes" for chance of "cash and prizes." I think I've made $2 in 2 weeks. Do not fall for any of these survey offers unless that are with the BBB and offer a money-back guarantee.
    I hope no one steals my identity, but I don't know who would because I filed bankruptcy (not related to scams) early this year. WATCH OUT EVERYONE.

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    Re: NRG Paid Surveys

    Please don't pay even $10 for this. You will get a list of survey sites and you will still need to sign up individually for each one. There are tons of free lists of survey sites out there. You can make a little extra money but nothing like what they claim. After you sign up with the sites you wait for an invitation and then you take a screener (the screener usually offers to put you into a drawing or pays very low, .50-$1) If you make it through the screener then you get invited to continue on for higher pay or a product trial. It is fun but you won't make a living. There are also a lot of "junk" survey companies on the lists that look like survey companies but they really aren't. These ones want you to sign up for free trial offers or complete so many offers and get a free ipod, trip etc. When you sign up for legit companies you never have to complete an offer or spend hours answering questions about your insurance needs etc. If you want to take surveys and give it a try just PM me and I will tell you where a free survey list is that does not include the "junk" sites.

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    Re: NRG Paid Surveys

    Thank you very much for the feedback. I have been in extensive correspondence with this company, and they adamantly claim they are legitimate, that making money is incredibly easy and that you will not be inundated with junk mail. But if people are having these types of experiences, then it can't be worth it--especially for a college student like myself who is bogged down enough with school work. Thank God somebody finally answered my original post--I was literally seconds from joining.

    My first clue should have been their claim that they will "teach" you how to make money doing this. Taking a survey is easy enough; why would I have to be "taught" how to do this? At first I thought they did all the work contacting companies who would in turn contact you with surveys, but as it turns out they're just a worthless middle man.

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    Re: NRG Paid Surveys

    I am a college student in Texas, a broke college student at that, so when I saw "$400-$600 a week!" I was enticed. I realized that to join it was $29.95, so I figured it was too good to be true. Later on, I receive an email and it offers the same "service" for $10 so I figured "How can I lose?" Little did I know that I did indeed lose. I joined about 2 months ago and to this day have not received a dime! I have participated in numerous surveys and have not received a dollar for the time invested. So here's how I think it works. You pay your $10 and you feel like you're investing in something big. The site tells you to apply to as many "survey companies" as you can to increase your chances of making money, "THE MORE YOU APPLY TO THE MORE MONEY YOU WILL MAKE!" So of course one only applies to about 4 or 5 survey companies and you hope for your $400 a week. Well here's how they screw you over again. These so-called survey companies do not dish out any money. What they do is they send you emails about a survey they want you to participate it. So you spend about 5 to 10 minutes completing the survey, only to find out you are not the targeted consumer and you're left with 10 minutes wasted, but they're left with 10 minutes of valuable information for their clients. Other companies reward you with points and countless entries to cash drawings but I honestly believe it is complete bull. Some companies make it to where every survey you take earns $1, and when you reach a certain amount of money you can redeem your "cash" for prizes. It is a complete scam and if there is any way to get these guys reported to the BBB, then please let me know. I think it's wrong to target college students especially, because most college students find themselves is stringent financial situations and the promise to make easy money is an insult, a slap in the face, and a waste of time, and not to mention unethical. Why market something to make people think that they will receive so much when in reality they won't? How is that ethical? TO ANYONE CONSIDERING NRG, BE AWARE THAT THE MOST MONEY YOU WILL MAKE IS EITHER -$29.95 OR -$10!!!

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    Re: NRG Paid Surveys

    The danger isn't the $29.95 "administrative" fee or even the enticing student special fee for $10. The danger is your identity theft since when you register for the program you have to enter in a lot of personal information such as addresses, contact info, credit card number. Once you're registered you could get a fake survey offer where they ask for SS#, Birthdate, Driver's license #, etc... for their "qualification" and "prescreen" of survey candidates. After you take the survey they could even go a step further and pay you and ask for your banking account number and routing number for an electronic payment. By this time your credit cards are maxed out and your bank account may be at risk.

    I also recieved the same email and ran a search on google for more info on this scam. This site and another article for the Berkeley Beacon was all i found. Here is a link:


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