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    Has anyone heard anything about this company? They want $295 apiece for 1 to 6 business offerings that they handle all the sales for. You just have to advertise. So a total package costs $1770. Their website doesn't explain any of this, it's only set up for marketing, not signing up reps. I couldn't find anything on the Net except more ads for the same webpage. The only way to sign up is to fill out their info form and wait for a rep to call.

    I've sat through the sales pitch and the recording from the president, which sounds reasonable enough but I never join something without first researching.

    Almost forgot, they offer a free computer if you join but I didn't get far enough into the sales pitch to find out what the requirements might be to qualify for that.
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    Re: Moneywayz.com

    I also listened to the recording. Then the salesperson tried to pressure me into buying all 6 offerings. I told him that I didn't do business like that, I would have to research the company since I had never heard of it before. He then said that he would call me back in a week, I haven't heard from him since.

    BTW, if you don't want the computer the package is only $1100. All the programs pay out differently, some pay you a percentage of everything you sell on the website that they provide. Others pay you a set amount for selling there products.

    All 6 programs come with their own website. I still haven't finished my research on the company. Seems to be a legit company, I just didn't like the pushy salesperson.

    I will keep you posted if I find anything else out about the company.

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    Re: Moneywayz.com

    Hi snoozr;
    Just think for a moment.
    Six Websites-Hosting fees??
    The nicest looking Website is a dead item unless you ADVERTISE it!
    Search engines, Newspapers etc.
    You will have to DRIVE traffic to your Site which can involve additional expenses.
    Make sure that you factor everything into this, OK?

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