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    I hate commercials on Youtube

    Ok I understand advertising. I understand commercials. I hate commercials on youtube.com. I understand people needing to make money. I understand marketing.


    If I am SEARCHING for a 'movie trailer' (advertisement) or even a 'commercial' WHY THE F do I have to watch an advertisement before the advertisement??????????!!!!

    IT is outrageous now. Enough is enough.
    In Youtube when you post a video you can select whether you have ad overlays and such. I know this firsthand. These TV and Movie companies CHOOOOOOOOOOSE to put ads before THE ADS!!!!!!! Disgusting.

    When someone searches for ads why give them more ads? THAT's my point!

    So I hate "pre" commercials for commercials.

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    Re: I hate commercials on Youtube

    I use adblock plus. You will not see any advertisement on any website at all. I have been using almost a year and its a laptop virus saver lol.

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