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    Re: ( WARNING) 4Daily Runs With The Money

    Hey bigloser! Can you subtantiate your statement?..... "what worries me is i think 12 daily and 4 daily belong to Jim Hunt some how as if you pay with your own money it is received by the same payment prossesor namely [email protected] what ever" Cos i wouldnt want to av anything to do with jimhunt ever again...knowingly or otherwise. If not ,plz refrain from making such unsubtantiated statement. IF NA JOKE STOP AM!

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    Re: ( WARNING) 4Daily Runs With The Money

    Jim Hunt says he has 2 soon to open autosurf sites... since he's such a big LIAR I bet those sites are running already!!!

    I was banned also when I told him what a great CHEAT his program is.


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    Re: ( WARNING) 4Daily Runs With The Money

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    Re: ( WARNING) 4Daily Runs With The Money



    You thought Id never find you on the entire internet, huh? Spam is ILLEGAL in the united states. I have NO idea what COUNTRY YOURE from, but HERE, your SPAM is unwarranted and punished by law. SO DONT EVER SPAM ME WITH YOUR HYIP AUTOSURF JUNK NONSENSE AGAIN.



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    Re: ( WARNING) 4Daily Runs With The Money

    I Sent You Email??

    Post It Here Please You Dumb NitWit!Post It Here In Public..Let Me See If Thats My Email.

    I Think You Are Either Bado Or Jim **** Himself :eek:

    PS: If SomeOne Has Misused My Name Then I Cant Say.My ID Is EARNwithME In All Forums.
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