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    Out of hours working banned by German labour ministry

    In August 2013, the Ministry of German labor law criminalizing overtime, and the law criminalizes things like that connection manager or one of his staff sent him an email related to work outside official working hours to protect the employee from the stress!

    The guidelines state that ministry staff should not be penalised for switching off their mobiles or failing to pick up messages out of hours.

    The move follows similar restrictions on out-of-hours email imposed by German firms including Volkswagen, BMW and Puma.

    VW stops forwarding emails to staff from its company servers half an hour after the end of the working day, while other firms have declared that workers are not expected to check email at weekends or in their free time.

    The labour ministry's rules only allow contact if the task cannot be postponed until the next working day. Managers should apply a principle of "minimum intervention" into workers' free time and keep the number of people whose spare time is disrupted as low as possible.

    The code is part of a broader agreement covering remote working. Ursula von der Leyen, the labour minister, told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung the rules had been drawn up to protect workers' mental health. The minister said that it was important for remote workers to know: "When they have to be available, and when they don't. They now have this clarity in black and white."

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    Re: Out of hours working banned by German labour ministry

    First... how is this a "religious scam"?

    Secondly.. You're lying.

    You have lifted the text from a news article, changed some words and by that changed the entire meaning of the text.

    Overtime is not criminalized in Germany.
    It's not "criminal" for a manager to send an email to an employee during off hours.

    The original article is here:

    It's a about a German ministry issuing guidelines concerning off-hours emailing and phone calls from managers to their employees.
    Nothing has been "criminalized", it's an employer having guidelines on off-hours communication.

    Personally, I think these guidelines are pretty silly, but there is no reason to lie about them...

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