VIRUS - Six times as many Android users were infected this year than last year, according to a study. Hackers try to steal banking information and money.
An explosion of attacks against smartphones. This was the finding of a study published a few days ago by Kaspersky Lab. The computer security company counted six times more users victims of cyber attacks in the past year than in the previous 18 months. "As in all areas, hackers are trying to make money by any means," says Philippe Oechslin. The founder of Objective Safety advocates a certain distance against the figures revealed by Kaspersky. "This is a company that sells antivirus. But, basically, it's true that there is a sharp increase in attacks. "

Without being able to give details, the Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance Confederation confirms an increase. For its part, Kaspersky detected a majority of attacks (60%) to steal bank details or money. "The simplest technique is to make you send premium SMS that will cost you 10 or 15 francs," explains Philippe Oechslin. Another ploy, more complicated but pays rich exploit a flaw in the smartphone operating system to find the number of credit card users or take control of their e-banking.

Apple spared

The study, conducted globally, has focused exclusively to Android users as they represent 85% of market share (against 12% for Apple). In Switzerland, where the Apple brand attracted nearly half the population, the question of safety arises iPhone. "Android and Apple are as safe as the other one," says Philippe Oechslin. For him, Android is still more vulnerable to attack because it gives more freedom to the users. So they can download anything and everything. "At Apple, everything is very controlled. It goes you by the hand. "Android is most targeted by attacks (98% of viruses are designed for) because it is present in the world.