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    10 films about the end of the world must see

    The end of the world, great obsession of American cinema. So qu'Interstellar Christopher Nolan is set to release in theaters (the story of an almost private Soils, where almost no food can not grow), return on ten films set a devastated Earth or about to be.

    28 Days later

    Danny Boyle offers a end of the world Version infected (zombies run fast, basically) particularly tasty, even if the second part is more sluggish.

    The story: a commando for Animal Protection broke into a top secret laboratory to deliver dozens of chimps subjected to terrible experiences. But once released, primates infected by a mysterious virus and animated by an uncontrollable rage, jump on their "saviors" and massacred. 28 days later, evil has spread with lightning speed across the country, the population was evacuated en masse and London is no longer a ghost town. The few survivors are hiding to escape the "Contaminated" thirst for violence. It is in this context that Jim, a horse, out of a coma ...

    Until the end of time separates us

    Recently released, Until the End of the World between them is excellent comedy, in addition to being a fun film about the end of the world.

    The story: What would you do if the end of the world was coming in three weeks? This is the question that all of humanity is forced to ask after the discovery of an asteroid heading straight for Earth. Some continue their daily routine, while others allow all the excesses and follies. Dodge is itself newly single, having his wife finally decided she preferred to be to meet the end of the world without her husband. He decides to go in search of his childhood sweetheart, he has not seen for 25 years. But meeting Penny could upset all his plans.

    The 12 Monkeys

    No need to introduce this classic science fiction by Terry Gilliam, who has not aged a bit. The Apocalypse with the addition of time travel, Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt, who could ask for more?

    The story: We are in the year 2035 The few thousand remaining inhabitants on our planet are forced to live underground. The earth's surface has become uninhabitable as a result of a virus that has killed 99% of the population. Survivors are pinning their hopes on a journey through time to discover the causes of the disaster and its prevention. This is James Cole, haunted for years by an incomprehensible image, which is designated for this mission.


    Unfairly shunned by many critics, The Road is a gem of its kind. The end of the world is depicted with a terrifying darkness. An essential film.

    History: There are now more than ten years since the world has exploded. Nobody knows what happened. Those who survived remember a huge blinding flash, and then nothing. More energy, more vegetation, more food ... The last survivors lurk in a world devastated and covered in ash that is only a shadow of what it once was. It is against this backdrop of Apocalypse a father and son wander driving before them a shopping cart filled with miscellaneous objects - the little they were able to save and must be protected. They are on their guard, danger lurks. Humanity has returned to barbarism. Then they follow an old highway leading to the ocean, the father remembers his wife and the boy discovers the remains of what was once civilization. During their journey, they will be dangerous and fascinating encounters. Even if the father has no purpose or hope he tries to stand for that which is its only universe.

    Planet of the Apes

    You could of course not miss Planet of the Apes, still powerful 40 years later, even if the special effects have obviously taken a hit.

    History: Lost in space-time, an American spacecraft crashed in 3978 on an unknown planet. Astronauts Taylor, Landon and Dodge discovered that primitive men of this mysterious planet are under the yoke of highly evolved apes ...


    The master George Romero offered his second film about zombies, after the Night of the Living Dead. Everybody plays extremely bad but the atmosphere is unique. The film inspired a great remake Zack Snyder, Dawn of the Dead.
    History: Undead bloodthirsty invaded Earth and feed its people. A group of survivors took refuge in a deserted shopping mall. While life is organized within the worse outside ..


    Should we classify this UFO in the end of the world class? It is discussed. But it is certain that it is essential to see, if only for its infection of a completely new genre. A low-budget film and a huge success.

    History: Pontypool, Ontario. Grant Mazzy, former star of the national radio heads, like every morning on the radio station of the city, located in the basement of the church. He joins Sydney and Laurel, switchboard operators. But in the middle of the morning, riots are raging in the region: a terrible virus has just been released. The team did not have a choice: stay in the basement and inform people.


    Lars von Trier, the Apocalypse is just a wallpaper and it is the destruction of a family that interests the director. Slow but moving.

    The story: On the occasion of their marriage, Justine and Michael are at a sumptuous party in the home of Justine's sister and his brother. Meanwhile, the planet, Melancholia, is heading towards Earth ...

    Mad Max

    Bikers, violence, Mel Gibson and the end of the world. How can you miss? Even if we would have chosen ├ęglaement Mad Max 2.

    The story: On highways a deserted unrecognizable Australia opposed a war without thank you outlaw motorcycle outlaws and police Interceptor, which try to overcome vermin driving cars at overinflated engines. In this world of rapid decline, the good, the bad, Manichaeism disappear ...

    the Survivor

    Wait before we throw stones. This very (very) loose adaptation of the cult novel I Am Legend features a Charlton Heston armed to the teeth who fights against improbable mutants in a desert world. A nanar, certainly, but what we love.

    The Story: The life of a thinking man to be the only survivor of germ warfare and struggle against a group of mutants called "family."

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    Re: 10 films about the end of the world must see

    Some of these are great films. I really like Planet of the Apes. And my husband thought that the Mad Max movie was great. 28 Days later was not too shabby either.

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    Re: 10 films about the end of the world must see

    I got another great new one that is on Netflix. You gotta trust me on this one and don't watch the trailer don't read the spoilers because it is a great great movie with an amazing ending. Its called "left behind" with Nicolas Cage. Trust me you'll love it don't read anything about it just watch it. Really really highly recommendedit

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