Long way to go all that way also frightens me is all these different systems we have a lot of smart people in this country especially on the IT side but let's come together and agree on some standards we now we're not creating eight different systems and then to it could face the system's are is just like a lot of money ComplexiDerm
so make well I would definitely say but should be in Florida Rio that is going to make a major impact healthcare and families early stages and workmen between unity data second then the primary care provider if weaver hear he may be and the pharmacists and all the other issues but I really want to step back and think about something that you said and I review send chronic disease and longevity initial and issue in anything firstborn is you can't still my dad all and he would and Medicare he a jerk you leave 62 he died 69 right now we have people who reaches 65 beginning and we've been to 85 95 and at the sometime what happened is that the pair's you and to pay declining rapidly why in people .

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