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    Studies for what?

    This issue will confuse Very Many parents, however, it Must Be Set. Note that I do not speak of education ou education, all IT IS obvious, no, I'm talking about funding graduate studies smokers and OR LESS Who, pour some, qualify all the way towards the Unemployment case (sociology, psychology, pottery, Nay Sami bECAUSE IT Que Are "knit" car yes, know that France BNO Have SOME Teachers varsity ... knitting) and OR, pour Others, the possibility of Trouver not work properly PAID EST Low, Very Low. My son, your password tray Abord EXCEPT Quebec, like all parents, want what the Son son pass tray and they all Ontario, and do not pan Worth nothing, and graduate Little more. Finally, with the law of supply and Demand, CE Who became scarce EC is Not the BTS concerted action not, This is the CAP roofer, plumber e electrician. Today, guys CES Ont work and earn Of Their Life, Much Better Que Millions of small claimants' non Supervisors cadres. "The Best Advice That I can Give Today pay face the world of tomorrow, c Eastern Into not not be relocated and not for robotic expertise. If your job is to Criteria Two of CES, then you should Being Better posture That All Of These false truths they came out white-collar jobs without Towards Future office. For example, no plumber will repair leaks here in June and the robot plumber is not yet at the stage, and recall of Time Will he pay either. If It's To Work In A call center Late Sooner or You Will Be Replaced rated the "operator" Moroccan UN. The Techies pay by Indian non-developer. Pour small bankers agencies below (Do y SEE NO condescension)

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    Re: Studies for what?

    What in the hell are you talking about? I'm glad you are banned, you make no sense.

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