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    What Would You Be Willing To Sell On Ebay?

    Jack Bobridge 21, freshly dropped, decided to find his new girlfriend on eBay. But Jack is far from an isolated case. Many people have actually tried to sell or buy things via the website totally unusual auction. An overview of their cyber-personality? No doubt! Here are the strangest things spotted on eBay!

    "Tell me what you want to sell and I will tell you who you are." If this maxim is generally true, it almost becomes worrying when you see what some users put on sale on the auction site! Because yes, we can sell everything and buy everything on eBay, even a new bride! In England, Jack Dodridge, a computer technician of 21 years, has been dropped before going on vacation. Instead of searching for a friend to accompany him, he posted an ad on the site auction to find a new girlfriend. EBay has unfortunately removed the ad, but this story reminds you find anything on the site! Selection of the most amazing things for sale on eBay!
    A private Caribbean island
    Ever dreamed of living in the Robinson Crusoe? On eBay, it was possible to acquire for a whopping $ 2.65 million, Moho Caye, a private island in the Caribbean. Following the buzz, it is unclear if the island was eventually bought out but others have subsequently tried to sell Tuscan villages in the same way!
    A toast with the Virgin Mary
    The Holy Spirit always appears where we least expect it, even on toasted bread! A piece of bread in the toaster had seen past appear on one side, the face of the Virgin Mary! After frantic bidding, the bread was sold for 28,000 dollars.
    Public toilets
    In 2008, the city of Seattle is trying to introduce new public toilet cubicles at the forefront of technology (value $ 5 million). Except that very soon they become ideal places for drug dealing and prostitution. The authorities therefore decided to remove them and put them for sale on eBay. In the end, a little lucky to Washington went on to win the lot for 12,549 dollars!
    Kitt K2000
    All fans of the series have dreamed: buy Kitt, the car-robot David in Hasseloff K2000! In 2007, eBay had recovered the copy at a huge fan of the series a little debt, had therefore offered for sale one of four copies of Kitt, sold for 53,000 dollars.
    A human kidney
    "Human Kidney function for sale. Choose any two. Buyer will pay all medical costs and transplantation. Obviously, one kidney is for sale because I need the other to survive. Offers serious only. "It is the announcement last a resident of Florida in 1999 Despite lively auction, the advertisement has been removed by eBay in accordance with international law on the sale of organs direction.
    Socks with holes and dirty
    The market of underwear worn and / or dirty is flourishing on the Internet! Regularly, one sees ads for fans seeking these products already worn, and are willing to pay high prices to expand their collection. Also works with panties.
    The virginity of a Brazilian student
    Her name is Catarina and its history caused a stir. She put her virginity on eBay, and the lucky one has paid 760,000 dollars to win the auction. One method that has shocked the world and led to a documentary a bit annoying.
    A cornflakes the form of Illinois
    This is probably the most useless and capillotracté selection object: a cornflakes in the form of Illinois! In March 2008, two sisters from the state of Virginia had sold on eBay in their cornflakes 1,350 dollars (1,067 euros).
    His imaginary friend
    Very recently, a young Londoner Georgia Horrocks, 22, has an "object" unlikely on eBay: his imaginary friend. "I recently decided it was time to sell my imaginary friend Bernard created during a period of emotional instability. My psychiatrist recommended me to say goodbye and that I would receive financial compensation it is especially important to find a good home. "
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    Re: What Would You Be Willing To Sell On Ebay?

    Everyone has their price :king22:

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