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    Does anyone have any info. about the WebfastPay.com?

    Looks like the Transfer-Guarantor changed the skin, but not the smell. :eek:

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    Re: WebFastPay=Transfer-Guarantor?


    I've applied for the job and I've received a "Approval on..." e-mail plus a link to a "employment_agreement.doc" to make it "official".

    Then, I did my home work and sent a e-mail to them asking:
    Also, there are 2 points that I am trying to understand and I would like you to clarify me on them;
    1rst - At the WebFastPay.com home page, is said "WebFastPay has been providing payment solutions since 2003.".
    But the domain name was created only in 2005!
    PayWeb LTD
    James Brown ([email protected])
    555 8-th Ave #453
    New York
    Tel. +1.7187322219

    Creation Date: 13-Feb-2005
    Expiration Date: 13-Feb-2006"

    2nd - The phone number (718) 732-2219 is reported as an unlisted number in New York.
    Why would a company have an unlisted phone number?

    This e-mail was sent on 12/OCT/2005 at 4:21PM GMT and I haven't got any answer until now.

    I will update this info as son as something happens

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    Re: WebFastPay=Transfer-Guarantor?

    What does this mean?
    "Looks like the Transfer-Guarantor changed the skin, but not the smell. "

    I just joined webfastpay.net too.

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    Re: WebFastPay=Transfer-Guarantor?

    So did you get any where with them? I have tried to find info on the company, but no luck.

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    Re: WebFastPay=Transfer-Guarantor?

    I applied for work from this company some months ago and infact after a few weeks i did infact receive a payment into my bank account which seems to of been just sitting there as i forgot all about it, infact the account in question is an account which i no longer use and i was only made aware of the deposit on receipt of my bank statement.
    I have not yet attempted to forward it or withdraw it as yet, but in veiw of the fact that i have had it so long and i cant make any contact with the originator , i may just treat myself this christmas.
    I am a bit weary as to what might happen if i attempt to withdraw this money from a otherwise empty bank account as the originator also supplied me with an excuse as to what the money was for and who it was from should the bank query it.
    I think to myself why or when do banks ever query where the money is from if its already sitting in your account or even more what is it suppose to be for, this is the reason as why i am very suscpicious as to whether CASH as actually been deposited in the normal way, or have they got some means of tampering with account balances????
    Well i dont know it might sound pie in the sky but it is the 21st century and technology is so advanced its unbeliveable, im sure if there is not currently a means of tampering with peoples bank account balance through computers or the internet as yet, then im sure there will be one soon.
    I know this sounds a bit long winded, but i would appreciate any replies, interest or queries. :) :confused: :p
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