Collections worldwide have failed to turn up around 0 and even for me were found he could betook old to breed the Pinto island tortoise may be the first turtle species to become extinct in the 21st century 0 the future I have many of the world’s turtles is a matter of concern even the Olive Ridley Rejuven Eye
sea turtles famous for their mass egg laying on this beach in Costa Rica are arriving in fewer numbers each sees 0 rental arouse is familiar with the spectacular re-body as it's called here at Boston on ever since I was very young boy I was always interested in marine biology but then one day was 1982 I was sick in your biology student I walked into the school it was a big sign that said re: badger we need volunteers at that well I’ve heard about the Reebok has a natural nothing I should go check it out then I came to Austin all right here at this but I saw the Reebok happening writer then it struck me like I had to study turtles in I've been doing turtles ever since as many as 200,000 turtles Mike Hall out onto the speech on one night twenty years ago it would have been a million but this is still one of the biggest re: bodice in the world .

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