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    Taking Survey Scams

    Holy crap! I set up a NEW throw-away email account for this experiment and here's the results: (Taking surveys 100% Scams!)

    Thousands of spam
    LIES upon LIES upon LIES
    It is an endless loop of lies
    It is an endless loop of surveys........
    I spent 5 hrs answering dumb questions endless
    Never got a paypal payment or a check in the mail....ever.

    Taking surveys is a horrific experience that will make you want you delete your gmail account.

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    Re: Taking Survey Scams

    I don't what survey company you went to, but there are a handful of legit companies that pay you for doing surveys. American Consumer Opinion is one off the top of my head. If you want to earn money, find the ones that pay out in money not points.

    Then you have sites like CashCrate and FusionCash that offers surveys in addition to other ways to make money online. It won't get you a Ferrari in your driveway, but it will get a bill or two paid every month.

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