Yes it is a serious scam DO NOT TRY THIS, this just happened to my friend 2 days ago on 10/5, she fell for this because she thought it was a good opportunity for her after she got laid off from her job, and she was asking me to do this to make money too and I told her it does not sound correct. Here is what happened, I experienced the whole process with her and I went to the bank to help her when they blocked her account:

0. They post the job with many different companies names.
1. They send you a contract for employment to make it look legal.
2. They ask you for your bank account number after you accept employment.
3. They hacked to well fargo system and accessed other accounts data
4. They log in with other people id and password and transfer money to yours
5. You see the online banking transfer to your account and you think wow
6. You believe the transfer is good because bank guarantees transfer
7. You take the money and wire them the money after you take your portion
8. The next day the bank will block your account and freeze your money
9. When you go to the bank, they will tell you it was an unauthorized transfer
10. They tell you your account is under investigation
11. The scammer now has your money and your account is overdrawn
12. Now the FBI is involved because bank is protected by the federal gov.
13. My friend has to wait now for weeks until the investigation is done.

so open your eyes people, DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFO to anyone over the internet.

I felt bad for her, she just lost her rent money from this because the bank debited her account back and froze all her money.

BE SMART AND DONT FALL FOR THIS. and if you think that you can do this and take the money they send you, you are wrong, because the bank will debit your account and freeze all your money.

NOW I think Wells Fargo needs to do something to protect their consumers and place a hold on any online transfer for at least 2 days and make it pending and not available to detect any fraud like this.

I feel sorry for my friend because she was the victim and hope this information will OPEN YOUR EYES AND YOUR MIND.