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    froggit Guest

    My list of Scams

    This is my list of scams ...so far

    Dreams Unlimited
    Autosurf Euros
    Proffessional surf
    S 10
    GWP Traffic
    5 Daily

    I only invest a little to try them out.

    The only one that pays and answers e mails is

    They havent let me down yet and have paid 10 times, I am now in pocket and saving.
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    Re: My list of Scams

    You can add 5050club.com to your list. The site doesn't pay. I've never been paid by them, I'm owed about 4 cashouts and when I questioned admin, my account was suspended. Funny about that isn't it? Pond-life, waste of skin the admin there. If you want to lose your money, join 5050club.com.

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