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    Flint Hills International

    Flint hills is a highly dangerous company with a very professional appearance but little substance to show for the talk.

    They deal in bulk Apple product and Cigarettes and rarely have what they are offering.

    They tend to not come through with any deals and waste time until the investor eventually loses their original investment.

    There are many agents working on behalf of this companies lies and deceit. Some may not be aware that products are rarely delivered and some of them are.

    This company also offers and makes promises on prices that are impossible. They are greedy and want too much and have little market and business knowledge and awareness.

    The prices they are offering are causing buyers to believe in impossible prices. The markets they deal in as a result are getting damaged, and in an economy that's already fragile this kind of action is unforgivable.

    Please be warned about this company and their many sales people.

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    Re: Flint Hills International

    I could take the greatest deal-makers of all time and they've always had something that didn't quite work out. You never want to put yourself in the position where something not working out is bigger than what you are and therefore takes you down. It's got to be in smaller chunks. In all cases, I want to learn something from things that didn't quite work out and learn, so that it doesn’t happen again or so that in the future, you make great decisions. You don't want to make the same mistake twice and you have to learn that early on in your life.

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    Re: Flint Hills International

    I don't know who 'Interslice' is, however, the fact that they don't reveal themselves is probably a tell-tale sign. I am VP of Trading for Flint Hills International, and there are some monumental factual errors in "Interslice's" posting.

    In the trades of Apple (which we do not operate in any longer), there was never one Offer Sheet that went out that was not backed up by product in the warehouse...Period. Most of our trade for Apple were conducted at Pilot Freight Services, I welcome any/all to contact Hugo Gomez, Head of Security at Pilot - Miami; he will verify that we conducted the most iron-clad and efficient trades they had seen in some time. There was not one person who lost a penny in the transactions with FHI.

    On the Tobacco trades, there has not been one person who sent funds to my firm. We don't do that, the buyers post funds to escrow. We utilize Escrow Services because it protects the buyer from loss (something we adhere to religiously). Simply stated, you will not find ONE business, entity, buyer, broker, or other - whom did not receive their funds back, in the event that product didn't arrive.

    If anyone has questions, please feel free to reach me directly.

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