Hey guys. I run a moderately sized tutorial channel on Youtube regarding music production software, and I have almost 250 subscribers - so it made me quite scared when I got home to see that I have a suspension message! Except that there are a ton of red flags here. Here's the message I recieved:
(Don't worry, I'm a moderately popular channel, and my youtube name is almost the same name I have here, so I have no problems with people seeing it.)
I received about 5 of these things, right at the same time. They did link to the actual Youtube community guidelines page, which made it seem convincing at first. But you may notice that the account has no profile picture. Upon inspection, I also saw that they have no info on their account, no videos and no activity whatsoever. They also instructed me to download a file to verify my account, which is very certainly something Youtube would not ask me to do. The "download" is most likely a virus. (Also, what the heck is gripmedia? That's certainly not a Google-owned company.)
Plus, youtube would never, ever instruct me to do nothing. That is just stupid. Also notice the lack of a comma right after my youtube username. Also, they didn't specify what it is that I actually did - I've gotten content flagged before (on a different channel of mine that had to do with gaming, go figure), and Youtube does generally specify what the offense was.
This should get spread around. I was keen enough to catch this, but I fear many others may not be. This is good enough that at first sight, it seems quite genuine. It is much more well put together than a lot of phishing scams I've come across. This could be a very big deal.