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Thread: Is this a scam?

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    Is this a scam?

    Hi guys...

    I came across www.94percent.com tonight and would like to know if anyone has any info on its legitimacy... any help is appreciated!


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    askforadvice Guest

    Re: Is this a scam?

    this one is a scam i am still check on this one it one of the new one . becareful if you want more information pls let me know bye for now on the board etc .

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    nebula1 Guest

    Re: Is this a scam?

    94Percent.com Terms and Conditions
    The e-mail address that I have entered to take a free tour of 94percent.com is a valid e-mail address registered to me.

    I have NOT entered any person's e-mail address without their prior knowledge and full permission.

    I understand that by filling out this form, I have opted-in to receive additional information about 94percent.com via email and phone and understand that I may opt-out of the emails at anytime.

    I understand that my I.P. address will be recorded upon taking the tour of 94percent.com so as to verify I am legitimately requesting information.

    I agree to receive follow-up e-mails from 94percent.com. These e-mail communications will include: notifications of other prospects being placed beneath me in my 94percent.com, notifications of prospects upgrading to paid members, as well as other important 94percent.com specific communications. I understand that I may opt-out of the emails at anytime.

    I understand 94percent.com has a ZERO tolerance spam policy. If you feel you have been directed to this website by a spam solicitation of any kind please email [email protected]

    94percent.com will not be liable for, but not limited to, any direct or indirect accidental damages which could include member tracking failure, temporary downtime, loss of database files, or any results of "intent to harm" on our database or website.

    I understand that 94percent.com, is a marketing tool used to promote the said company. We, 94percent.com, make no warranties with respect to the operation of the affiliate program and/or products or services sold at this website.
    I understand that 94percent.com provides a representation of a FREE Powerline to facilitate the marketing and understanding of the 94percent.com system. In no way does this FREE Powerline represent the physical structure of the opportunity promoted by 94percent.com. In addition, I understand that there is no guarantee of where I will be placed in the physical structure of the opportunity promoted by 94percent.com. Placement is based on timing and is determined primarily by the person who hosts this website.

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    nebula1 Guest

    Re: Is this a scam?

    you know what? who the heck cares -94% site looks weird, just learn affiliate marketing from the top clickbank ebooks on "Affiliate marketing."