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    Charles Fitch Scammer

    Charles w Fitch
    5941 sand hurst st apt 103 canton MI 48187 Mail scam sending out post cards to collect money for Michigan family, Big Mail scam.

    Village Squire apt manager said Charles Fitch never pays his his rent on time. Time for him to maybe move before others are in harms way.

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    Re: Charles Fitch Scammer

    Thank you for posting and helping others!

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    Re: Charles Fitch Scammer

    Thank you?
    This appears like a random accusation and smear campaign. The details, or rather lack of them don't allow anyone to make an informed decision.
    I have a real problem with people posting the home address of those they have a beef with. The same thing happened recently when one guy posted the home address and mug shot of another member. The other member felt his life and the lives of his wife and children were in danger.
    Do we want to be associated with these smear campaigns?
    "Wag more, bark less."

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