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    Industry-HYIP.com Scam!

    Industry-HYIP Scam! Only paid once. 2 withdrawals only pending.


    Do Not Spend!

    The admin is going around to forums and replying to Scam posts saying "That can't be right, I was paid 2 times".

    What a loser.

    Industry-HYIP.com is a Scam!
    Industry-HYIP.com admin is a tiny little Scammer!


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    askforadvice Guest

    Re: Industry-HYIP.com Scam!

    yes this is a new one of the new scam this yr . if you want some more information let meknow ..

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    Re: Industry-HYIP.com Scam!

    The same scammer is opening up many programs and closing them within a few days. By closing I mean they do not pay, but most of them stay open to take new money from unsuspecting people.

    :mad: :mad: :mad:


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