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    Which of you on this board are legit?

    After reading some of the posts here, I am beginning to think that some of you who are posting are actually trying to promote your own scam. If this is the case, then this board is totally useless to me, because I don't know what to believe.

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    Re: Which of you on this board are legit?

    It is anybody's guess who is legit.

    And, yes, people are trying to promote themselves and their businesses, what did you expect?

    You can find threads on practically any business out there. Those promoting that business will tell you how great it is and those who failed at that business will tell you why it is a scam.

    Those that actually were scammed may or may not even post here because they are so dissillusioned.

    You will never get an up front honest answer here simply because you have no way of knowing if the answer is true or not.

    The best thing is if you are interested in something then check on other forums for opinions and/or check with your state's attorney general office for prior complaints or try it out for yourself and see if you get ripped off.

    You learn best by pain. The pain of losing your money and/or time.

    Just don't call something a scam if you haven't actually, really, honestly gave it a try and invested whatever money and or effort required to make it work. Until you have done that it is hard to say if anything is a scam. What doesn't work for others may work for you.

    Unfortunately there is no one place you can go to to find out what is legit or not. You can learn however what others have experienced in other businesses and then you have to weigh in your mind whether you feel they actually made the effort necessary to succeed. The only problem with that is there is no set criteria you can depend on to rate things as everything is different and each one has its own risks vs rewards.

    However, this site is good for entertainment and occasionally someone will send you an IM or email with a site to check out. Obviously it is something they are doing and they are trying to recruit you but at least you now have someone in that particular business you can ask direct questions of instead of depending solely on the website you looked at.

    Then you can ask questions like, can you prove to me this works? How exactly does it work? What are the real costs? How much a month will it actually, really cost me? When will I see a return on my time and money? What exactly do I have to do to make it work and how do I do it? How committed are you to my success?

    Good luck.
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    Re: Which of you on this board are legit?

    This reminds me of a hilarious question I got once. I've posted it with the answer I WISH I had given...

    Q: How do I know that you aren't what you say you are? What kind of work at home you you know is worth of the time spend?

    A: Holy crud, man. I think you've invented an entirely new branch of logic with that first question! As to your second question, I think your first question says it all.

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    Re: Which of you on this board are legit?

    I think with whatever company or business that you may be interested in from someone's link, just do your own research. Don't jump into something right away until you find out if it's legit. Ask around about the business and I am sure from many many replies, you will know if it is reputable or not. On most sites , you will get the spammer and scammers, you just have to weed them out and after a while you will be able to tell who they are. Most of them make promises with money.

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    Re: Which of you on this board are legit?

    Absolutely, Do your research don't believe anyone until you have done your homework about the work at home opportunity. That's my advise tooyb:

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    Re: Which of you on this board are legit?

    It is tough to know who is telling lies and who is not. The best thing to do is research.

    What kind of work are you looking to get into?

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