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    Izzat youssif - Scammer, Con Artist Izzat Youssif from US may have Terror Links

    This guy is a Muslim, but using a picture of Jesus as his profile picture and threatens people online. He also seems to have some unusual links.

    Everyone should unite against such guys using the picture of Jesus to cheat people.


    Izzat youssif

    Location: WoodBridge, Illinois
    IL, US

    URL: iowacitytechnicalsupport.com

    The guy named Izzat Youssif scams people in the name of Technical Support and Vitamin Power Dealer. He has no technical knowledge and he uses his support website only to steal client data and critical information.

    I have dealt with him personally and he cheated me.

    Buyers Beware. I will post more details as I get. I am trying to get more details about him.

    So far, I have following details.

    Izzat Youssif

    Registrant Organization: Vitamin Power Authorized Wholesale Dealer

    Registrant Street: P.O. box 619 North liberty

    Registrant City: North liberty

    Registrant State/Province: North Carolina

    Registrant Postal Code: 123123

    Registrant Country: US

    Registrant Phone: +1.6217126

    Registrant Phone Ext:

    Registrant Fax:

    Registrant Fax Ext:

    Registrant Email: [email protected]
    See this whois (Especially ZIP: 123123). It shows his real intentions.

    Beware of this scammer.

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    Re: Izzat youssif - Scammer, Con Artist Izzat Youssif from US may have Terror Links

    This guy Melwin Samual is really from India and his real name is Abudal , he stole my money and now he is trying to defame me because I asked for my money back. I don't have any terror links and he has no proof of that. I have no problem with Jesus and that is why I elected his picture on my profile, because he is the prince of peace and honesty unlike this low life con artist from India who has no shame and steals peoples' money and spreads lies about them on the Internet. I am not the only one he did this to, he did this to a german guy , he stole his money and posted pictures of the guy with his kid on the Internet and tried to defame him as well. I filled a report with the FBI and it will be a matter of time before they get this low life criminal.


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