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    Anyone know about MoneyMakerInc (MMI)?

    I was searching on google and came across a site called MoneyMakerInc (http://www.moneymakerinc.info/index.html) anyway they guarantee a 60% payback for three business days. They have an email address, but nothing else for contact info, i was just wondering if anyone out there has seen or tried this site.

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    Re: Anyone know about MoneyMakerInc (MMI)?

    trix, please tell me you're joking?

    You can't honestly believe this company is legit? Look at the rate of return and they've been in busines for ever.. all the way back to 2005, oh wait, that's this year isn't it?

    Honestly do you really think if somebody learned a way to make 60% on their money every three days they'd need to be pumping for investors on the net?? It just doesn't add up.

    Give it some thought before you waste any money on this ponzi.


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