The scheme is to hire individuals to work for the company as a Procurement / Purchasing Manager on a 2 week probation period to buy products such as computers and cameras. The individual is told to use their personal credit cards for the probation period. To build confidence, RMC will not ask for any credit card information or bank information. In stead, the individual will purchase products from a list and RMC will provide their bank account number and routing number so the Procurement/Purchasing Manager can pay off their personal credit card on the internet. Currently, Fifth Third Bank is being used.

The payoff will show on the credit card the next day and the Procurement / Purchasing Manager is then confident they can mail out the items to the RMC Agent at DO VOSTREBOVANIA, NOVOROSSIJSK, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
as directed by the Supervisor, Betty Morrow
(646) 480-0391.

The P/P Manager is then instructed to continue to purchase more products from the list so four orders can be filled in the two week probation period enabling them to qualify for their first salary check.

After 10 to 14 days, a "Returned Internet Payment will show on the credit card. The supervisor (Betty Morrow Probably not her real name) will explain that the bank personnel made an error and that the charges should be resubmitted to a different account number to be cleared. (It is now knows this is to buy more time to allow the merchandise to get to its location AND to enable more items to be purchased.)

It is not long before ALL the cleared charges are returned to the credit card balance. Since the packages are sent Express Priority Mail, the merchandise is in Russia and the attempt to intercept deliver is too late. The salary check promised is not received, the phone number is no longer answered, the e-mails are not responded to and the P/P Manager is responsible for all the charges on their credit card(s).

RMC will provide a lot of information about the company headquartered in Switzerland; provide a FAQ sheet and an Employment Offer Letter. Betty will conduct a phone interview to ensure you understand the job expectations.