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    The Cleansing & The Kogis Mirror World

    The Cleansing

    Stuart Wilde
    October 04th, 2005

    Sorry I have not written much recently. I have been at Ralph Millers Ayahuasca temple in Brazil for six weeks. All hell has broken loose in the Mirror World. Just before the tsunami last December the Mirror World was going nuts and the same is happening right now.

    It seems there is a cleansing coming. It begins October 14th-15th onwards. Its been making me edgy. I hoped it would just be another fight between the Forces of Light (FOL) and the UFOs. Our fragile humanity cannot be free until the UFOs are backed off because the UFOs and the other dark transdimensionals (TDs) talk to the demonic side of the human mind and egg it on to be ever more evil.

    There is a layer of crud orbiting the earth that looks like a Saturn ring of flying garbage. I saw the FOL are building what looks like etheric steel bands round the earth to protect humanity from the negative influence of the dark transdimensionals. There are two bands completed in the northern hemisphere that circumvent the earth and a third is halfway finished.

    But the cleansing that is coming might be slightly more deadly. Ive seen four earthquakes: Tokyo, Mexico City, Seattle and San Francisco. I have also seen the destruction of Karachi and Jerusalem. Anything is possible. In the Mirror World we sometimes watch meteors that fly inside a donut-shaped vortexguided missiles from heaven, I call them. They are very interesting. They look very real to me. I keep seeing a bell that accompanies one of these meteors. I wondered if that meant Philadelphia and the Liberty Bell; it might be possible, Im not sure.

    I always said perception is the key to everything and the sight of a twenty-six dimensional world is better than every book you have ever read. That is why I have gone back to the Ayahuasca for a while. The beings in that mysterious world have been showing us an approaching force, a powerful one.

    Here is the problem: imagine a fish in a river with deadly mercury in its blood from passing cars. It is sick. Its progeny are deformed and it has no way to seek medical treatment. Kali the destroyer is its god. She is here to solve the problem and eliminate cars and humans. We live in a self-correcting universe. The vengeance of the fishes is approaching and I surmise the power of nature will seek to hinder our frantic consumption and maybe rub some of us out.

    Most of my visions are real and yet one turned out to be very inaccurate so I dont fully trust what I see anymore. But if this series is right, the Mirror-World is lacing itself between our three dimensions and once that happens everything is possible: volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, pandemics, and planes (747's) dropping out of the sky for no apparent reason, it could be quite fantastic from here on out, a thrill a minute.

    Someone asked me recently where is safe and I answered by saying,"Only the warmth of your heart and an act of contrition makes you safe." That should be enough. God is merciful. I reckon if we befriend nature once more and apologize for our arrogant lack of care, it will probably let us off the hook. It doesnt really want to kill us all, it just wants us to change our ways and love it and respect it and we must allow the ecology of the earth to recover.

    Then again, the inner powers-that-be are a bit pissed off by war and our frozen lack of warmth and cruelty, some people are in for the high jump. You have to process your shadow and come to a proper love for the heart of the planet then everything changes. There is a beauty for us to aspire to and it is not so hard to achieve.

    Meanwhile, here below is an extra bit about the Kogi tribe of Colombia and their understanding of the Mirror World, which they call the Aluna.

    Ayahuasca shows you the Aluna as a gift to you and that was why I gently persuaded people to try the Aya medicine as I didnt know what else to suggest. Many of you are a long way back behind the 8-ball and now you dont have time to be piddling about with more traditional methods of advancing perception.

    Love, love,
    Stuie Wilde


    The Kogis Mirror World

    Stuart Wilde
    October 04th, 2005

    Recently, I met a Colombian shaman that spent two years with the Kogi in the mountains of northern Colombia; they call the Mirror World, Aluna. Special children are selected at birth to spend their first nine years in a cave, training to become visionaries in the Aluna. The children live in the dark, they are not allowed to see the outside world and in this way they come to see the 26-D Mirror World naturally. After nine years training the children exit the cave going out into the real world to become the future visionaries and spiritual leaders of the tribe who are called Mamas. I have never seen the Kogi language written so I might have these spellings slightly wrong, sorry.

    The Kogi people trace themselves back to the pre-Columbian Tyrona people who were contemporaries of the Inca. Like the Inca the Kogi built stone stairs and platforms in the mountains that have not eroded in a thousand years. They are truly a mystical people with a power that no one else possessed, the power of a twenty-six dimensional world. The Kogi used the power of Aluna to protect themselves from the Spanish Conquistadors that would have killed them for their gold. It is not in the nature of the Kogi to fight but watching the Aluna they knew where the Spanish were and so they kept moving around the mountains avoiding trouble. While all the other indigenous tribes fell to the pox of the white mans evil the Kogi survived.

    They dont usually allow white men to visit their mountain kingdom though a British filmmaker made a documentary on them about ten years ago. The Kogi world is truly a 26-D Camelot hidden in a 3-D world. Their ideas are very pure and wonderful. In the tribes long history they have never had a homicide.

    The Colombian shaman I met showed some of us how to walk in and out of the Aluna using the Aya for perception of it. It was amazing. I have been watching the Mirror World via the Morph for almost five years now but I didnt know how to actually walk into it. When you are in it you disappear momentarily. Late one night I was watching a gringo astrologer smoke a cigarette by a fire. He had this Aluna thing worked out as he dematerialized four times. Three times he was gone for about a minute but the last time he went for about ten minutes. I knew where he was on the lawn by watching his glowing cigarette floating mysteriously in mid-air. It was so much fun.

    The Aluna is the place of the Camelots that I have been promising you for a long time. I am happy now, as I know how the dream will come about. The gringos war-like world will die and he will become terrified. In later years he will seek the Aluna for escape from himself but it will be too late, he will never find it. The Aluna knows you are coming years before you even get up out of your chair. She will call you if you have a warm heart and you are genuine about healing your shadow, but if you seek power and control, shell hide from you.

    If my writings are a bit sparse for the next four weeks its because I am off to Patagonia and then in November Ill be going back to the Ayahuasca temple in Brazil for two more weeks as a guest facilitator.

    Gradually I will be off the stuartwilde.com site completely though I will email those of you on the SW list, from time-to-time if you care to stick with it. The more I see the Aluna and walk around its magnificent speckled ambiance, the less there is to say. Everything, including humans came from there in the first place. And that is where we will return.

    I am very content for this is the first time in twenty-two years of hell battling the dark that I have finally seen how it will be destroyed and how we get to walk away to a happy place where peace is normal and where tomorrows celebratory banquet was yesterday. For time in the Aluna comes up from under your feet, sometimes it is facing the other way.

    And the violence and prolific consumption of the Fat Controllers will be delivered back to them in digital orbs that float in the air, easy to see but excruciating painful to experience. Then after a thousand years he and she will be released from their torment and they will be allowed to pollute the pristine nature of this world once more. We cant kill the devil because humans spawned the devil and for some reason that I dont properly understand the earth needs humans.

    Bye for now,
    Stuie Wilde


    {Webmasters note: Stuart will again be the guest facilitator at the Heart of the Initiate temple in Brazil for two final weeks in November. This is the very last chance for those of you that want to come and visit with him. He has no plans for public appearances in the future.}

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    Re: The Cleansing & The Kogis Mirror World

    Quick! gather up all the tin foil to protect our brains from magnetic like gamma beams!!!

    Drop the net, we got another one!

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    Re: The Cleansing & The Kogis Mirror World

    I read your posts for sheer entertainment value, and you have really pulled through with this latest entry, roflmao!

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    Re: The Cleansing & The Kogis Mirror World

    as any COMEDY writer will tell you.........the truth is hilarious!!NO NOT hillary-is-us!!hehe!!but at least it is in cryptic(uninitiated) form!!so can be laughed over!!sidenote......anyone got a best recipe for green bean casserole!?:eek: :p :D
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    Re: The Cleansing & The Kogis Mirror World

    i have written to stuart and advised him to ease it on the green sludge before his brain turns to a rainbow custard

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    Re: The Cleansing & The Kogis Mirror World

    A Hidden Camelot

    The Masonic Connection, underground tunnels, underworld, neither world, hell, caves of kentucky

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    Re: The Cleansing & The Kogis Mirror World

    Quote Originally Posted by Whispering wind
    A Hidden Camelot

    The Masonic Connection, underground tunnels, underworld, neither world, hell, caves of kentucky


    "The Supersane may be those who are already making this early breakthrough in human awareness somewhat ahead of the rest of humanity. The expansion of mans ability to experience, assimilate and evaluate his present environment is imperative. If he doesnt do this, the environment will overwhelm him. New dimensions of human perception may be the exhilarating and dynamic answer to the present stalemate in human life and culture. Humanity with new frontiers of personal abilities and capacities opening up before it can regain its sense of purpose about living.

    The Supersane are not supermen or superwomen. They are normally intelligent human beings who are moving through the five sense barrier into a more expanded area of awareness. It has been customary to suppose that the five sense barrier was a limit beyond which man could not go, just as we thought the sound barrier was a boundary not to be crossed. Those who exhibit Higher Sense Perception abilities cannot be ignored or bypassed. They are already quietly making outstanding contributions in our world today. They may be the forerunners of a tremendous evolutionary mutation of the whole human race, or the beginnings of a more normal and slow evolutionary development which will produce a higher type of humanity.

    We have moved through the twentieth century so completely enamored by mans scientific discoveries that we have lost our perspective on man himself as the initiator and the perceiver. We must make a new evaluation of mans potential for experiencing his environment. We must take into consideration aspects of environment of which we may have been totally unaware. Higher Sense Perception might be tentatively defined as a developing capacity to perceive hitherto unsuspected dimensions of environment.

    ~ Breakthrough to Creativity, Your Higher Sense Perception by Shafica Karagulla, M.D.

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    Re: The Cleansing & The Kogis Mirror World

    appreciate your posts stu,dont let the suckers ..............

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    Re: The Cleansing & The Kogis Mirror World

    Stuie, I'm coming to American next year, and I wanted to know...

    Can I please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please have some of what your smoking?

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