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    Re: Interesting choice

    Quote Originally Posted by Lenny Loosejocks

    Hey, wait a minute!! What's she doing with her left hand??

    By the look on her face, I think she has just discovered she has a willie! :eek:

    Look out, Bill!! Your day of reckoning is at hand!



    well,i had to read this thread a second time to even "get the implication" of the joke!!now as to the author...........it's all in the name.......isn't it!?!
    :p :p

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    Re: Interesting choice

    Quote Originally Posted by Raider
    Da Raider nominates 'loose lenny of jocularity' for the funniest posting i've read in a long time. belly laugh-belly laugh-belly laugh-ha! :D :D :cool:
    you musta wished you'd thoughta that one!!........good ta have freinds like lenny.......huh!?politics makes strange............. it's all fer the cause!!

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    Re: Interesting choice

    Yes, I've been trying to tell my friends ("Batwoman fans) about her dark side.
    They don't believe me. You have the gift of the 6th sense. Me too.

    I've read several of your threads. I like the way you think.

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    Re: Interesting choice

    Hmm. would be exciting times. Bill was far more entertaining then the current occupant. He would get into some scrape or another and we would wait with bated breath to see how he got out of it. I think he just got bored. I called him Velcro Man, everything would just stick to him. Ronnie was Teflon Man, stuff would just slide off.

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