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    This is for Tommy70, i.e. Hunter S. Thompson & Gary Webb

    Hi Tommy,
    (If this is in the wrong folder, I am sorry.)

    Quote Originally Posted by tommywho70x
    Me and my fellow traveller/compatriots have stuck to the principle that OUR system of self-governance by the people, for the people and of the people is the most fair and just political system devised in the history of human civilization and that it has been suborned and made corrupt by greedy, murderous pimps who conspire to kill leaders like JFK and so many other inspired political, religious and entertainment industry people.

    Now they seem to be bumping off journalists by convincing them to suicide (yeah, right, Hunter ate one because he wanted to? Gary Webb shot himself twice in the head?).

    Many of us have suffered mightily for righteousness sake and at least 10 people close to me have been murdered by rogue government operatives for their beliefs. They came awful close to whacking me four times.

    As you've probably noticed here, I draw flak from the right and the left, but I don't care. Now that I'm that awful man that the squares don't want their teenagers to associate with, I am having a great time sharing my eyewitness accounts of the past for them to compare with the lies they are being taught in school and their NIMBYIZED Yupster plastic-fantastic ticky-tacky digital house cages in suburpia with designer bars on the windows and gates.

    When the tanks roll into our streets, you just watch and see if they don't get together and try to convince the overlords to paint them up pretty like the commercial airliners.

    You implied in the thread I started "I am making a serious inquiry" that Hunter S. Thompson and Gary Webb did not commit suicide. First let me say, I do not have the experience, or ability to do extensive research, as I am sure you have done on the subject. So I am talking from a knee jerk reaction. Please forgive me, I am just curious how these stories start and how they are maintained.

    Why is it hard to believe that these two men took their lives? Being a crusader for the truth, does not mean a person is not fighting their own personal demons. Demons, I might add, that can be more consuming, and nerve-racking then government corruption, government harassment, and criminal scandal.

    Gary Webb

    There are dozens, and dozens of weblogs out there proclaiming it is "impossible" to have two self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head. Many of these weblogs state that being "distraught," placing his baby shoes in his Mother's shed, his wife saying she thought he had committed suicide, are not sufficient enough to claim suicide. Finally the Sacramento County Coroner, Robert Lyon statement "It's unusual in a suicide case to have two gunshots, but it has been done in the past, and it is in fact a distinct possibility" is seen as career damage control, and a cover-up.

    To question, a coroner, a wife, and to decide that a man who is not know personally, and who is not being treated for psychological problems by the webloggers, is baseless, and ill thought out. My personal opinion is, Gary Webb killed himself. When I heard the news, I was heartbroken, shocked, and sat in stunned disbelief. The suicide of anyone is always a tragedy. But more than that, it opens an abyss, that seems to want to pull the rest of us down into it. That is the way it effects me, anyway.

    Hunter S. Thompson

    Hunter S. Thompson was an incredible writer, mind, and energy. His death is a HUGE loss to this country. That being said, it does not mean he was not tired of being in pain. Chronic pain, can drive people to do A LOT of different things, in order to alleviate it. Also, maybe not a large factor, but He DID pickle his brain over many, many years, with drugs and alcohol.

    My point in all this is to ask, are the "powers that be" the "ruling class" the "oligarchy, really interested in killing two people that have for the most apart been discredited? According to the "main stream media," Hunter Thompson, was a boozed out, drugged out wacko, even though he created "Gonzo Journalism." Gary Webb was chasing the preposterous story that, "the CIA put, dumped, planted, drugs in the black community." Regardless of the potential books, articles, about Child-Sex rings at the White house, and Jewish drug lords in South American.

    My opinion of these two men, is they were fierce, intelligent, truth-telling mavericks. Thank our lucky stars they were here for as long as they were. WE are the loser. But if we do not go out and DEMAND the truth from our lawmakers, corporations, law-enforcers, Gary Webb and Hunter S. Thompson would have died in vain. They trail-blazed (at least in recent years) how to ask the tough questions. Get the truth, by any and all means available. Finally, to ride, rail, rant, and rave our Lawmakers, CEO's, Law-enforcers into the ground. Until they do the job they were HIRED, by the citizenry to accomplish.


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    Re: This is for Tommy70, i.e. Hunter S. Thompson & Gary Webb

    Hey DeeDee,

    I edited the title of the thread a little so that people will actually know what it is dealing with.


    Lady Mod

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    Re: This is for Tommy70, i.e. Hunter S. Thompson & Gary Webb

    Thank you kindly, Madame Moderator. :)
    I am learning.


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    tommywho70x Guest

    Re: This is for Tommy70, i.e. Hunter S. Thompson & Gary Webb

    Username: tommywho70x acknowledge.s++iii*invitation* to be INTERVIEWED by Scams Message Board - Copyright 2004 Scam.com , All Rights Reserved.

    Username: Welcome, DeeDee1965 Join Date: Sep 2005 Junior Member Posts: 19*67phx

    Moderator: SoJustAsk ChatHere4HelpfulInformation BackTagged NetZeroAdvSearch.rslts

    WE"//,,,are teaching each other how to play BLOG US (AS) SCAMMERZ WEB [mud]('Y')
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    On this topic, those names were put forth as two examples of people who were possibly assassinated in a way to make it appear to have been suicide, natural causes or by a passionate lone wolf, which are typical methods employed to mentally condition a suspension of theatrical disbelief among the servant classes, brainwashing them into embracing as gospel another lie to pass into the history eBooks and oral traditions of the people (META-CLSID, MYTHOS, LOGOS, MACROS, MUSICA, OPERA, STARS, HEARTS, FLOWERS, SAX&VIOLINS, NETLINGO, GODADDY-INC.COM, Idle Rich Text Format*.rtf) . . . , raw,,,...and so it goes...,,,;:"?":<><>:)]:||:} Bokononism
    CANON: Cat's Cradle.TXTBy:_>>~$Kurt Vonnegutt, Jr., BARNSTABLE, MA, US, HH.EXp

    Naturally being one of the wierdest of wierd, I am going to have a tendency not to get get my zeitgeist all gemutlekite and fermished over posts from babes, boobs and bozos a discussion on these lines will doubtless attract.

    I will gladly entertaint (* Raider's CUSTOM.DIC HEAD2TOE Tap&Die Set.shs *) evidence given in refutation of any specified conspiratorial cell 'event' as you have done, DeeDee1965.

    That is our point of Connect/Disconnect for Lady Mod to focus on as she guards our CONVERSATION from disruption by HECKLERS; the babes, boobs and bozos of the World Wide Internet Webs 'lurking' in the SURF ready to barge in and SHILL for their SIG (Special Interest Group) SIGGRAPH.ORG WHITE STAR CHART8 BITS Winword8 CBT3


    I will not engage or respond to off-the-wall conspiracy Antigone nuts scrotum twirling by keyboard commandoze or flying monkey squadron nonsense defending justifiable homicide and disinformation for the Fourth Reich.

    That C.R.A.P. is silence with one thumb down and the other wiggling my fingers from the tip of my NOSE BAK ATCHA Grinchin!!00a0010b8080 ATTACHED BY ADOBE BRICK LAYER2 WAVE1, SYNTH:1, MAP:E:\>;cdburn barrel.~??:)

    Kurt Vonnegutt, Jr's. fictional religion, Bokonism, calls these SIGs 'drupelet' or 'karass' according to s

    Hunter's death and the possibility of assassination has been addressed in the Conspiracy Zone Forum. http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=4226

    Watching from my little window: Hunter's family stayed silent, Hunter's friends stayed silent, mainstream media reported suicide, the blogosphere divided along normal Prozactly Psycho-Psy-Fi-KappANOMEG POT10:4:20 dis-concatened(truncated) lin0es.

    They had a huge party launching his ashes in Aspen. Life goes on. I would like to see the evidence both the ProZacs and ConFarTisTs have. GIANT SpyNet Beta1 ALPHA UTampa.edu/home/MINARET/Staff Writer/GAMMA=0.5, DIMA_SMIRNOFF, Editor1

    Gary Webb, was only discredited in the mainstream press and the Rethuglican
    blog((o))goon squad. He was uncovering the paper trail connecting the White House to drugs flowing into southern California as part of CIADOTGOV's landestine 'intervention' in Central America.

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    I was trying to understand.

    H Tommy,

    First, the title of my post was,"This is for Tommy, please all jump in." So it was not an interview of you specifically. I wanted feedback. I guess I titled it wrong. So be it.

    Second, I just want to understand, why people keep saying these two men were murdered.

    Third, I did not understand most of your post. I did glean a few phrases, but I REALLY do not know what you were trying to say.

    Since I suffer from depression, the reasons, wherefore's, and how-tos of suicide are very familiar. From MY vantage point, the reasons that make sense to a suicidal person, DO NOT make sense to people who have not thought about, fantasized about, and have planned suicide. The thoughts that creep up on one, can be very powerful. The thoughts just do not disappear. They linger. They are attractive, and in a strange way, comforting.

    THIS is why I wonder about the controversy of the deaths of these two men. G. Webb and H. Thompson were, highly intelligent, driven, intense , passionate, focused, hardworking to the point of obsession. They both had the ability to root out the answers to specific issues. As well as see those issues, and their consequences in the larger framework. That particular skill, takes imagination. Being talented and sensitive, can cause someone to become overwhelmed by events they know will not be resolved in their lifetime. Plenty of people can and do carry on with their lives and work. However, there are a few who cannot.

    No one ever takes about "suicide." It is not a cut and dry occurrence. It is not easily defined, or categorized. Believe me when I tell you, brilliance, passion, intelligence, sometimes is NOT ENOUGH to keep a body and soul interested in this world.

    This is why I asked those questions. I do not believe the government on any issue really. I am not a sheep, or dittohead, or a neo-con. I am someone who thinks that SOMETIMES we can get distracted by illusions, that we create. I was trying to get a better understanding of this issue. American get bogged down in things they really have no control over.

    If I angered you, I am sorry. If I annoyed you, I am sorry. It was not my intention, you seemed to be someone willing to discuss subjects fully and fairly. So as far as I a concerned, this subject is closed.


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    tommywho70x Guest

    Re: This is for Tommy70, i.e. Hunter S. Thompson & Gary Webb

    Oh no no no no no not angry! was pleased you had interest!

    To focus for you past the deepcode babble:

    assassination is a subject of study for me.

    my personal opinion about Hunter is toss a coin. there are plenty of reasons somebody might have snuffed him and plenty of reasons he could have gone over the edge on his own.

    regarding Gary Webb, my feeling runs more toward a at least a 75% chance that he got touched. i was all up on the edges of the big time drug scene in LA and saw a lot of people die.

    there was also a reporter here in Austin last year who suicided under questionable circumstances. neither this guy or Webb were showing telltale pre-suicide signs.

    suicide is something i can understand, but not relate to.
    if you want to expand on that, i probably won't have much useful input.
    it's not something that has ever touched me very close to home.

    if you want to discuss the broader topic of assassination, you're in my stadium, which is why I put out such a confusing statement. fishermen call it 'chumming' or casting bait on the water to attract phishies.

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    Please, others jump in, the more the merrier. :-)

    Hi Tommy,

    Thank you for explaining your reply. I thought it was an attempt to tell me not to inquiry about things that I have no business inquiring about.(bad sentence, you get my point) :rolleyes:

    Just an aside, why write in deepcode babble on a public message board? Who cares what people say on message boards? If the intelligence agencies look at public Internet message boards for clues, or subversion, or plots and stratagems to over throw the government, then they are actually no threat to the rest of us. And I say; "Come and get me, copper!" :D

    Quote Originally Posted by tommywho70x
    there was also a reporter here in Austin last year who suicided under questionable circumstances. neither this guy or Webb were showing telltale pre-suicide signs.
    You say here a reporter in Austin was 'suicided." That he and G. Webb showed no telltale pre-suicide signs. That is my point. There are NO pre-suicide signs. If a person is going to commit suicide, there is a window of time, when they will speak of it to someone. After the realization that family and friends will be hurt and devastated beyond belief, the person will keep their thoughts to themselves. When pushed to the edge of severe mental pain, the plans, and fantasies become more acute. The final break, could come when the person is outwardly feeling good, and hopeful. It sounds crazy, because major depression, and suicidal ideation, is crazy.

    Quote Originally Posted by tommywho70x
    regarding Gary Webb, my feeling runs more toward an at least a 75% chance that he got touched. i was all up on the edges of the big time drug scene in LA and saw a lot of people die.

    Could the deaths you saw in the L.A. drug scene, have happened BECAUSE it was a drug scene? Dealing drugs is dangerous, as well as stupid. It seems to me drug dealers are crazy, idiotic paranoid schizophrenics. Killing each other is as much of a part of dealing drugs, as the actual selling of them. That is what I have seen, anyway.

    But to the subject of gain, by assassination. The "powers that be," have so many more useful, and effective ways to get rid of "problem" people. The media, on ALL levels, is designed to "spin," "manufacture," "sway," distract, incite, and oh yeah "inform" the public. For all intents and purposes, it fulfills it mission. So why kill two reports, that have been "handled" in the media.

    Most Americans, do not care if black neighborhoods, are being infested, and infiltrated with crack-cocaine. The "powers that be" use racism, for the purpose it was intended. To perpetuate difference, scarcity, and pseudo-privilege. Tommy, you have read that here on this board, as well on the rest of the INTERNET. Black people are portrayed as paranoid, conspiracy-theory minded, lazy, waiting for the next handout. Either from the government, or by indulging in illegal activity. If blacks had the intestinal fortitude, to pull themselves up by their boot straps, they would not be such easy targets for the CIA. If Blacks were a coherent, self-sufficient, assimilated part of society, the CIA, police, FBI, DEA, would not think, they were ripe for criminal infiltration. If blacks would just "stay in their place,'" bad things would not happen to them.

    So when Gary Webb "uncovers" information linking the, CIA-crack cocaine connection running through the black community, Some Americans say to themselves, "black people are paranoid, If they would just get with the program, and stopped being so lazy, either drugs would not run rampant in their communities, or we would believe them when something "real" happens to them." Of course, G. Webb did not say the CIA was dumping, pouring, infiltrating, etc., the black communities with drugs. But the story he was trying to tell was lost amid the thinly veiled racist rhetoric. So, that takes care of Mr. Gary Webb.

    Now for Hunter Thompson. By movies, books, his own personality and behavior, the "powers that be" have neutralized H. Thompson. Being a drugged out, boozed out,incoherent, mess, some Americans looked on him as just the last vestiges of the wild, decadent, perverted, commie-pinko 60's. Even though his writing, was beautiful, lyrical, vivid, evocative, thought-provoking and proceeded to rip the curtain off, to reveal not only a naked emperor, but a truly unattractive one. Of course, most of the work was done by the lack of education in American schools, but "sex, drugs, and rock n' roll" are tools of the devil, and the "powers that be" used that belief to the hilt. Have you noticed, only literate, educated people talk about Hunter Thompson's writing, and its impact on the body politic? Most people do not know what he wrote, they certainly have not read it, and consequently, do notknow what they have lost. All the "powers that be" had to do was sit back and watch him self-destruct. No, need to expend assassination energy, just watch him blowup.

    So Tommy, am I totally off the mark?

    Last edited by DeeDee1965; 10-08-2005 at 07:20 AM.

  8. 10-08-2005, 07:17 AM


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    tommywho70x Guest

    Re: This is for Tommy70, i.e. Hunter S. Thompson & Gary Webb

    No, you have a decent handle on the general picture, but you miss some of those outer limits kinds of things that explain how and why an individual gets deleted for gain.

    This is where you are most in error: "Killing each other is as much of a part of dealing drugs, as the actual selling of them."

    "Each Other" are the least likely people to get killed. Only the end points in the supply chain; the retail vendor and the addicted customer are likely to kill each other, innocent bystanders and witnessess.

    An LA criminal attorney I worked with in the early 80's had a murder case where the defendant was a self-employed mechanic with a nice home, shop, wife and three kids.
    They got sucked into cocaine addiction; he lost everything, wife left with the kids and he blew his dealer away; emptied a fifteen round clip into the 'victim' head and chest at about five feet -- big mess; clearly pre-meditated.

    Our Wunderkind Trial Attorney [BDT] was able to argue it down to a 2-10 manslaughter he served the minimum on.

    Witnesses are even more likely to become a statistic on a toe-tag. Paid informants who are in the federal witness protection program regularly get found. At the street level, Narcs and Snitches are XCSS and nobody cares if they have a badge in their pocket or not (XCSS == Dead &&can't say s h i t).

    There is an underground opinion that is what really happened with Nicole Simpon, Marc Goldman, John Belushi and many of the other high profile celebrity suicides from accidental overdose or passionate violence. They were threatening to expose the web above them that was supplying their dope. That is one of the aspects that clouds the Hunter S. Thompson question.

    Journalists are always at risk. There is even a rumor that the Hinckley Reagan shooting was actually staged. Hinckley was firing blanks; the real shooter was a Secret Service agent with a loaded camera; Ronnie was winged intentionally and the real target was the Press Secretary, Jim Brady, ostensibly for something he was threatening to blab.

    I got capped in Venice in retaliation for 'A Letter to the Editor' published in NOV 1987 ISSUE: VENICEBEACHHEAD - Cooperative Underground Newspaper Type: C. U. N. T.'
    that outlined the general structure of the food, drugs, beverage and entertainment industries 'Between the Piers'.

    Total coverup, spin doctored, check the archives.

    Re: Suicide: Repeat: I understand that people do it and what you say about is similar to many things I've seen said about the psychiatry world opinion about it. It hasn't happened anywhere near my life, thank god, and I can't relate to it all.

    Re: Deep Cyber-babble: You answered part of your question yourself.

    There are a lot of computers that watch every keystroke I make from this CONSOLE.

    buaha![adaptec]ATI Technologies, Ltd. Perfecting the PC Spin Table1 SNMP Yahoo! 360

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    Re: This is for Tommy70, i.e. Hunter S. Thompson & Gary Webb


    O.K. Tommy, you might be right, I cannot argue the who is killing who and why. My experience with the drug scene, is extremely limited.

    The underground "opinion" is least likely to get my attention. The murders of Nicole Brown-Simpson, Ron Goldman, and might have been a drug hit, but NOT an assassination. :rolleyes:

    The death of John Belushi, was a tragedy. And within celebrity circles (his brother James, Dan Aykroyd), not totally unexpected. I agree, journalists are always at risk. The deaths of journalist since the start of the Iraqi War, has shot-up considerably.

    I do not know what to say about your being shot because of a letter to the editor, except I am sorry. :(

    Taunt to your hearts content, but please do not make your replies sooo cryptic. :)


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    tommywho70x Guest

    Re: This is for Tommy70, i.e. Hunter S. Thompson & Gary Webb

    Excuse me, but 'drug hit' == 'assassination' . In fact, the word assassin is derived from 'hashishim' (Arabic) which were people who did the drug hits in the pre-TV daze.

    Journalism is not a safe occupation to begin with. During times of global conflict they suffer significant casualties in 'Theater - Med-High Intensity - DEFCONKLIN0E' and as ultra-low intensity covert Infranational conflicts heat up as it is doing here, their casualties are going to also increase.

    There has been too much anger and hostility in the MENTAL WEATHER REPORT that tends to bring out excessive crypto-babbling from me to protect my computers from hot balls of malicious media hurled at them from the http://WWW.MSN-SPACE-BLOGOSPHERE-YAH...ICEMAIL.NET.US along with mundane things like the SCAM.COM Message board JUMP Forums.

    Notice the more focused a conversation is, the less cryptic is C.R.A.P. I compose &P.O.S.T. (Power-on-self-test countdown 30-0 and REBOOT BILL GATES DAILY BUILD)
    American On - Line \MySQL mailto: [email protected] [email protected][000]
    Billboard ** City I.D.E.A.S. ** Austin ** Silicon Gulch ** Texas ** Planet Earth **
    Variety Y!(r)azzaphoniccs R6025 C++ RunTime Library Error 4,10,2222 A with (TCP/IP)
    Top 40 Bonk!++NZ Error Code: 20 Your Dial-up connection has been lost for unknown reasons. NetZero will now exit. ++ ** OK ** ++

    -->> {| Connect *//* Disconnect |} <<--
    Help Step Globe ICON A:\Edit.hlp #doo-doo-doo: "The NUMBER you have dialed is not a working NUMBER. Please check your MANUAL OR: Call your ATTENDANT [4] ASSISTANTS" Web Folders CONTENTS, Table of Computer Works, The KEYWORDS TO IGNORE 'Press 'Ctrl+Alt+Delete' to restart your computer.

    IT IS NOW SAFE TO TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER. BIG MAMA ONE (AS) tommywho70x (IS) Always On Line ON AC Power Control panel of EXPORT RES CERTIORI Scratch 1 of 9 HIGH COURT J-BRANCH REHNQUIST OBIT2005[Recent]

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