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    Stop giving money to homeless people

    Homeless people on the street are like seagulls. Some of these people are making over $100,000 a year panhandling. We need to stop giving money to these homeless people. In places like Los Angeles, NYC, Toronto, San Francisco homeless beggars rake in the money TAX FREE and prey on people that need to feel good about themselves. All you are doing is supporting drug, alcohol, and cigarette habits. If you feel bad, buy them a hamburger, enough of supporting vices. You are not doing them any favors, you are making things worse. Try feeding seagulls french fries at an amusement park.....there will be 1000 of them around you within minutes. Homeless people are exactly the same. Great article
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    Re: Stop giving money to homeless people

    Its good when you buy them food or something good for drinks.
    But sometime I feel very bad and I just give them money.

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