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    A seller didnt send my product!

    Hey there! I'll try to keep this short. About a year ago, a gentleman I was dealing with online from a classifieds site did not send me my product after paying for it using Pay Pal. After repeated messages to the seller and filing a complaint with Pay Pal administration, I then recieved a reply that I would not be able to recover my money from the seller. Nor would they give me ANY information on the seller's account so I could sic a law enforcement agency on him to attempt to recover my money. Any suggestions, tips, tricks or info on how I can further make an attempt to get my money back?

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    Re: A seller didnt send my product!

    Firefighter_emt...go to www.ifccfbi.gov. That is a site that will conduct an investigation. They are very backed up though. I submitted my complaint in June and still haven't heard anything. A woman defrauded me of $120.00 for a Gucci handbag. I paid in April and have never received it. She had very good feedback when I did business with her, but from about the end of April and on she had complaints about her scamming people. Good luck. We all need to stick together to get rid of these Internet scam artists.

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