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    Re: New strain of STD

    I thought this was a hoax until I talked to the man at the website. He used to be on the executive board for Microsoft. If you remember the Microsoft issue a number
    of years ago?

    Well it went away REAL quick.

    Micro agreed to exchange info if the US stopped prosecution.

    There was a site up that exposed it but that was shut down in about 6 months
    after it was up.

    One of the exec's that was invited to a PRIVATE Microsoft exec meeting
    exposed what was discussed and SWORN to secrecy during the meeting.

    His website was called. http://www.fuc.kmicrosoft.com/ (REMOVE the period between the c and k) I still use some of his tricks to erase the TRULY hidden files. He exposed the files but first showed you how to go in and see them to realize they were in fact there to begin with.

    This stuff has been going on for a number of years. If they really got
    caught snooping is another matter though.

    The info and the man behind it worked with several of us. Some of the others
    that know what's going on happen to own www.grisoft.com as well as www.adaware.com and a program called Stinger.

    May want to check them out.



    Sadly, this is nothing new or surprising. The government has
    been caught time and time again secretly colluding with industry to force
    people into their control mechanisms against their will and without their
    knowledge. No one wanted a to have their inspection sticker RFID tagged so
    that their vehicle could be tracked, but they rolled out the legislation
    anyway. We beat it once, but no doubt it will be back. No body wanted to pay
    extra for an automobile black box to monitor their every automotive move,
    but the auto industry is doing it anyway. And certainly no one wanted to
    have the government track their cell phone and spy on them, but never the
    less, it was done and in complete secrecy. They are aware that we can easily
    see through their schemes so they have to hide them. No longer can they
    simply invoke "safety" and have the population gladly accept the invitation
    to their track and control prison. Now they just do it and hope no one

    Devices capture everything you ever type, then can send it
    via your ethernet card to the Dept. of Homeland Security without your
    knowledge, consent or a search warrant each time you log onto the internet!


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    tommywho70x Guest

    Re: New strain of STD

    SJA, you are scratching on the Door to Windows and if you open that door
    W-IDE-0...ENUM[Ph],,,you will be stunned by what U C++>>C#Web Initiative!/?;)
    IDE-A+ = Integrated Drive Electronics Attributes (IBM) DEBUG - ATTRIB.EXE (MSN)*.MOV [DELL]{Display Properties - System Folder}File Size: undefined [MICROSOFT]
    WEB = Windows Emergency Bootdisk (Win3x-MSNNTLv1.1)
    EBD = Emergency Boot Diskette (Windows 98 Start-up Disk1[win98se]Disk2[secur32.dll])
    ERD = Emergency Recovery Disk (Windows 2000 Crash Test Dummy[Printer][PRINTERS])

    Das Lied Fun Der Erde -- Gustav Mahler -> GERMAN = Default Desktop MUSIC ZONE DRIVER LANGUAGE. ENGLISH = System Default Formal Engineering Language 'Command Interpretor'[CREATIVE]BRAZIL[AUDIO.BMP]NA/US/creative.com/CorporateHomepage.000

    Oh? Und kanst du 'Also Sprach Zarathustra', Herr Straus?
    Nein, du bist eine kleine schmuckmuzic und deine doppleklicker ist kaput!
    DOPPLEKLICKER is German word for PC Pointing device called MOUSE(LOGITECH PS/2)
    MAILTO: [email protected] C:\NatSpeak:"?":

    --> That wierdness is a goof on "Voice Recognition Software/Voice Response/TTS (Text-to-Speech)Systems" which is far and away the "Big Enchilada" and at the base 'ENCODING'*.BIN of all the computer voices we talk to on the phone and listen to in TV and Radio advertising.

    To be able to simply tell a computer what to do is a goal that has had many billions of dollars of research money poured into it by the government and industry since at least the 60's.

    The source code for any of the voice-activated programs that are working well are some of the most carefully guarded trade secrets in the IT/MIS Industry .
    (Information Technology/Managed Information Systems)

    All of these High-Tech/Low-Cost High-Speed/Low-Power 'Technology Packages' we are purchasing in 'Good Faith' from stores and online began their lives in the military.
    Many of the fringe freaks believe that their innards came from components cannibalized and 'REVERSE ENGINEERED' from the Roswell UFO which they claim was intentionally shot down.

    As the military technology evolves, obsolete systems are demilitarized and sold at auction through the DoD E-Mall managed by EDS-Dallas, the company H. Ross Perot started and sold. The rest of the story is archived on "THENET" somewhere and folks like us are dredging more and more of it up every day.

    The invasion of our privacy is so pervasive and brazen that CBS's WebTV site is called "Big Brother" (Yahoo!Logon in silent, invisible, FULL STEALTH MODE.MSM)

    One very highly recommended fringe 'Free Security and Utility Software' vendor site is Gibson Research Company at http://www.grc.com/ . Go there, use his programs and read his blogs. An especially important one, if it's still up, is entitled "Not My Favorite Lawyer".

    Happy Day!

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