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    LightSpeed Consumer Panel

    Anyone have any success completing a survey in its entirety? Everytime I try to complete a survey, it says I'm not eligible to continue. Anyone else have this problem?

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    Re: LightSpeed Consumer Panel

    i have completed many surveys with lightspeed, maybe u just dont meet thecriteria they are looking for. Maybe you need to go back and update your profile

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    Re: LightSpeed Consumer Panel

    I have been with them for several years and have completed several surveys. They only usually allow so many from each age group before making it unavailable.

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    Re: LightSpeed Consumer Panel

    I've completed may surveys with them over the last few years, and redeeemed for rewards on a number of occasions. I've always been paid promptly and with exactly what I requested.

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    Re: LightSpeed Consumer Panel

    Thanks everyone for your responses!

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    Re: LightSpeed Consumer Panel

    I took two with them yesterday and qualified. They were nice and short too, my favorites! :)

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    Re: LightSpeed Consumer Panel

    Never had any success with them. In fact I signed on through this ad on this forum:

    " Work at Home Free
    No Fees for Our List of Surveys. $90/hr. Start now. It's Easy. "

    Yes, I signed on for free and they even offered $10 if you signed up with 20 of their survey companies (Including Light Speed) by 10/31.
    I signed on to 10 or 12 surveys then gave up. Can't get the robot signer thingy because of the computer firewalls settings. And my inbox was again innundated with tons of bulk mail...half the stuff goes in my regular inbox and half in bulk. Have to sift through the garbage. I took several surveys and they were all "chance to win" types. The phone rings with telemarketers.
    Haven't made a dime. The ad saying $90 an hour has got to be a load of manure. Too time consuming. I found something better. Surveys are non-payers or the amount of work one would need to do to actually get paid is way too much.

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    happygal Guest

    Re: LightSpeed Consumer Panel

    I don't think they segment their e-mail invites as much as others do, but yes, I get surveys from them frequently and probably qualify for them 1/2 of the time. I have been able to cash out, though, and have been paid. So it's probably worth keeping trying.

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