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    Beware of Robo Soft and UDCQatar scam, or anyone on odesk that invites you to work outside of Odesk

    Odeskers especially: Beware of this:
    I received an Odesk invite to a job by Thomas Fike. After I applied, I was asked to speak to a rep on Yahoo Messenger. The rep said the company name is UDCQatar (aka UDC Qatar). She asked me to confirm that I have read the website (www.udcqatar.com) and that I fully understand it. She eventually asks if I am aware of confidentiality codes. She asked for my name, sex, and location. I don't know if this is a scam to get people's information. I don't even know if she actually worked for UDCQatar or if she was part of a 3rd party. It was very shady. Her yahoo user name is udcinterview and her email is udcinterview@yahoo.com. She has a photo up on her yahoo messenger account. The lady insisted that it is a real job. Yeah, that is the thing. It IS a real job, but it is money laundering. So beware people! She will ask you to purchase the check paper and then reimburse you, and you will get paid per the hour likely, BUT you'd be involved in a money laundering scheme and could possibly be arrested and go to jail. Who knows if you'd even actually get paid.

    Then, I received yet another invite from a company claiming to be Robo Soft (aka RoboSoft or Robo Soft Technologies). Perhaps it really was Robo Soft, but the fishy thing is that they asked the same exact questions as the other lady, both wanted to chat via Yahoo Messenger, and the questions were copied and pasted. It was the SAME PEOPLE messaging me, for sure. They both invited via oDesk at the same exact time. They just use these company names as fronts. Their names and screen names probably change each day, bc they know they're doing something shady. They both claimed to know nothing about each other, yet the users were both asking to send a "contract letter" in the mail to sign. Both were telling the same exact stuff-- to look at the website first, etc. Then I'd look at the website and we would proceed. Literally everything was exactly the same. It was almost like they were reading a script. Okay, they WERE reading a script. The original lady used weird terminology too. Also, the lady stated they are new in the USA and they are in MD but were from Qatar. The poster from Odesk posted from MIssissippi. (supposedly). Also, the website IP domain registry bounces back to Colorado. Not saying that this company is not legit- the company may be legit, but they're sure phishing for information and trying to get people to launder money in the USA!!!! So that in itself makes them shady. Obviously these two companies are working together- either that or it's the same person. I have about 4 odesk friends that I have recommended to the site in the past, they all got interviews on the same day from random names of people... some of the names were like gayle funk, eric martin, etc. Beware of any name that sounds too generic. LOL. (Not saying these names don't exist- of course they do. But somewhere along the lines you'd come across a name that was "different" ... when every single name sounds scammish, that's when you know to watch out. They pick easy last names like park, smith, funk, martin, etc. And of course these are legit names but the names are ALL common names that they pick usually. They try so hard to come up with normal names, but you can just tell they're a scam when nothing pans out.
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