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    Baltimore Curfew Scam

    What is wrong with you Americans? Baltimore now has a curfew on children that they must be inside by 9pm? What a scam! What is wrong with you parents that you can't control your kids and you have to turn a city into a police state? Is America still the land of the free?! Is this legal?!

    Are you pa5rents out hooking, gambling, drinking, or smoking crack that you aren't watching or monitoring your kids? Why did it come to this? Shame on the city of Baltimore. This is not constitutional even though it is needed.

    I UNDERSTAND there is a boiling point that kids should not be walking the streets all night. I see kids at gas stations at midnight while their parents play Quick Draw and they drink Red Bulls and eat nachos. I want to strangle those parents.

    But is this curfew legal under the Constitution?
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