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    Beware Of The Freedom Fighter Network Jordan Schultz and Angela Moore Fort Collins, CO

    I joined for a one week 'Free Trial" on 7/31/2014. They claim if you do what they tell you to do, they will pay you $150 if you don't make money. But that's not what I'm writing about.

    I found out that they were trying to use their 'system' as a way to get people into Empower Network and that they are waiting for an OK from EN to do so...I do not like EN. So I sent an email asking then to cancel my account. I sent then my name, email address and FF ID #, the 3 things they needed to cancel my account.

    I received an email back stating that they could not find my name, email or ID in their system. I sent then a second email with all 3 items they asked for again...stating that I can log into the dashboard and that they need to check again...I received another email. They again told me that they could NOT FIND my name, email and ID.

    I sent off 2 more emails.......NO RESPONSE!

    This has been going on for the past 4 days...and today my bank account was charged $47.

    My advice to anyone thinking of joining this program is...DON'T JOIN!!

    I again sent them an email on 8/08/2014 telling them to reverse the $47 back to me...I am awaiting their reply.

    I will update this when I have more info...

    Agian...stay away from The Freedom Fighter Network, Angela Moore and Jordan Schlutz

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    Re: Beware Of The Freedom Fighter Network Jordan Schultz and Angela Moore Fort Collins, CO

    Unfortunately I was stupid enough to fall prey to this scam myself. I knew I had been had when I watched the two of them in one of their introduction videos where they were taking turns going back and forth. Jordon was talking so fast that he actually lost his breath, reached up for an apparent glass of water and had that very determined and focused pitchman look in his eye. I froze the video and said "Oooh...nooooo!" I knew I had been scammed.

    In my case I will simply move my funds from one account to another until it has all blown over.


    Because when I try sending any emails, they bounce back, the so called cancellation link malfunctions, and there is no specified contact info anywhere on the site!

    Why should I be a sitting duck for them to only deduct the funds ultimately anyway unless I take some sort of action to avoid them?!

    When my emails bounced back, I extended down the email header and seen that their emails are sent form either Aweber or Get Response and their signature does NOT provide any return address. Even though I thought that it was a requirement of the spam laws that you are to provide full contact information in your email signature.

    Anyway, people are becoming wise to this scam VERY quickly. There are countless complaints listed on the search engines. They will ultimately end up going down in flames before long only to pop up later under another business name!



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    Re: Beware Of The Freedom Fighter Network Jordan Schultz and Angela Moore Fort Collins, CO


    Jordon Schultz, Internet scammer and thief has changed his name to avoid being connected to the mounting complaints against him. His name is now Jordon Wallace.

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    Re: Beware Of The Freedom Fighter Network Jordan Schultz and Angela Moore Fort Collins, CO

    Thanks for the heads up guys. There are a lot scammers out there. We just need to be very careful.

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