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    The Greatest Vitamin in the World

    I just got the package for the Greatest Vitamin in the World. Needless to say, I decided to look it up online after I bought it. I saw some disturbing things on another board, and they have an unsatisfactory history with the Better Business Bureau. Has anyone here heard anything about them, or are involved with them?

    JUst curious

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    Re: The Greatest Vitamin in the World

    I was with them about a year ago and Im not gonna say that there exactly a scam but in a way they are. It is near impossible to make money with them. The just try to take a lot of money off you for your own website with your own domain name and search engine marketing. And I did fall for that I spent almost $1500 with them and I made no money at all. But I do think that if you put in the work and the money (not money with their search engine marketing, cause it sucks) and have a little knowledge about online marketing you could make money. It all depends on if you want to put the work in.


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    Re: The Greatest Vitamin in the World

    I bought into The Greatest Vitamin in the World in June and quickly realized that it was not something I wanted to be in. They claim to have a 30 day money back gaurentee and will refund all money you have paid them if you are unsatisfied in any way. They claim that your refund will be processed within 7 to 21 business days. I requested my refund before the 30 days was up and still have not received my refund. They owe me $1235. I call them at least weekly, they all know me by name in their "quality department", i use the term loosley. Every time I call they tell me it will be another week or two before they can process my refund. I'm going to start calling them daily now.

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    jake8080 Guest

    Re: The Greatest Vitamin in the World

    This was sent to me by Len Clements of MarketWaveInc.com.

    The FDA has issued a Warning Letter to Don Lapre, who was a high profile
    distributor for the now defunct MLM company The People's Network in the
    late 90s and a prolific infomercial marketer of get rich schemes such as
    his "Making Money Secrets" ("By just placing one small classified ad, you
    can make soooo much money!"). The FDA is demanding he cease and desist
    making claims that his latest late night TV offering "The Greatest Vitamin
    in the World" will treat or prevent a plethora of serious diseases.

    To view the FDA Warning Letter, go to:

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    Re: The Greatest Vitamin in the World

    I just signed up with the greatest vitamin in the world.
    I cannot get any emails answered. They come back.
    I also read a letter on the website from one person that had
    a letter from the FDA and they informed this owner that
    he cannot make on thes claims on cures posted on this vitamin.
    They say you can be held liable.

    I would just like to know if anyone of you on here signed up with
    them has actually made any money?

    Don't they have a 30 day guarantee.
    I purchased the $99.00 website and $30.00 signup fee.


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    Re: The Greatest Vitamin in the World

    The few people that I know that has ordered the program put very little work into it. Instead they tried to buy all these programs the company offers. From what I have seen I do not recommend those programs.

    I received my 2nd $1,000 bonus check two weeks ago. I do my own advertising. Yesterday I did a search for "greatest vitamin postcards" and this site came up: http://www.greatestpostcard.com/

    Has anyone tried them?

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    Re: The Greatest Vitamin in the World

    I've been with GVW only a short couple months.. and I bought into the SR. Independent Advertiser package - (what they don't tell you is after you buy that package - you also have to by the TV SHOW air time for the specific area that you want to advertise) which can cost anywhere from a couple 100 to a couple 1000 dollars.. I do not think that this company is a scam; I know people who have made money by there own efforts.. but using the companies programs is where most people fail.. they are what seem to be a bunch of hype and no action.

    I chose to use my own advertising methods (of course this is a slower build) but I know that its been working... should be getting the 1st check in the mail soon!

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    Re: The Greatest Vitamin in the World

    Be VERY WEARY of ANYTHING that has to do with Don LaPre...He has been in more trouble for ripping people off than you know! I made the mistake of buying into one of his scandelous "money-making" deals and would like to choke the little [email protected]#$%^&*&^%$^!!!!

    I bought into the "National Reminder Sevice" which at the time, I thought was a great idea! (Boy was I wrong!) I paid $3.00 per piece for a box full of cardboard folders with a form that the customer fills out and mails in to receive a postcard prior to each important date they had specified on the form. I was SUPPOSED to be able to sell these dumb things for $40.00 a piece and it was a "Lifetime Membership"...Ya...Lifetime of that scam which died a year later and I was stuck with a box of paper I paid over $350.00 for. Stay away from that guy...he doesn't believe in refunds and you will NOT get a response from him!

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    Re: The Greatest Vitamin in the World

    I got into this in when it was fairly new back in 2004. I worked at it for a while spent some money on advertising and ended up getting 7 sales. I stopped trying to make money online for a while and a few months ago I came back to it. I have been getting 20 clicks a day from google adwords for the last month. I also purchased some more tageted advertising. I now have over 70,000 clicks and only 9 sales. that seems a little fishy to me.

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    Re: dms3

    What is your website address?

    I now promote a new product and the pay plan is spectacular. You also get "Mentors In Motion" free. Learn more about "Mentors In Motion" at www.mentorsinmotion.com

    My site http://free-training.amigohealth.com

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    Re: dms3

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris2006
    What is your website address?

    I now promote a new product and the pay plan is spectacular. You also get "Mentors In Motion" free. Learn more about "Mentors In Motion" at www.mentorsinmotion.com

    My site http://free-training.amigohealth.com
    die in lava spammer/scammer.
    JESUS JUICE - Newest And Bestest Christ-Centered MLM Business Opportunity. If you really really really love Jesus and money PM me for info.

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    dale4sale Guest

    Re: The Greatest Vitamin in the World

    The Greatest Vitamin In The World should be called the Greatest Rip Off in the World!

    Here's what happened to me. I joined the company and paid the initial $35 fee.
    Within a few days after joining I began receiving phone calls from the Greatest Vitamin in the World urging me to pay more money to have the benefits of the so called Platinum Program. And pay more money to have my own website with an 800 number. And pay more money to have targeted traffic directed to my website. When I explained to all the callers that I didn't have the money to pay for all these programs, they told me not to worry, I could still have all these programs and only pay half of what the original charges were. I actually thought they were trying to help me succeed with my vitamin business by reducing my out of pocket costs. I made a big mistake by trusting these people!

    When it came time for them to finally write me my first check, I couldn't figure out why I never received it. So I called Customer Service and I was told that the checks are no longer being mailed out every week, but now are being mailed out every two weeks. Well, I waited patiently for another 2 weeks to go by, and when I still hadn't received my first check, I called the office again. And this time I was told I owed them money! I said for what? They asked me if I remembered not being able to pay for all the services that they were selling me? I said yes. And then they said do you remember that they were only charging me half what the normal costs were to receive these programs? I said yes. They then said that my earnings were being deducted from the money I owed them for the services of being in the Platinum program etc! They told me that I owed them $3000! And that any earnings I made on vitamin sales were being deducted from the $3000!

    No one ever mentioned to me that I would be owing them money at the time they offered to give me the Platinum program etc etc for half price.

    These people are con artists and I would warn everyone to stay clear of the Great Vitamin in the World.

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