Watch out for the Swedish scam artist Mr Kenneth Persson (born in 1945).
For yeas this guy has been active with everything from small rip offs, corporate scams and shake downs. His has notorious connections with Swedish organized crime and has acted as a sidekick to several criminals over the years. He hides away in a small crummy apartment in the southern metropolitan area of Stockholm.

In the daylight he has posed as an active blogger and involved in low level political work and local social events, but for year this shady character has been running small internet scams and hosted illegal servers filled up with porn and pirated movies and acted as a background helper to infamous and VERY well known Swedish criminals. (I could go on here and drop both names and events in public, but nothing good would come from that. If you need more info or evidence, you are free to contact me)

So regard this as a general warning. For your own safety: Do not get involved with this guy. Keep a safe distance and never do any kind of business with him. It always ends bad.

DO NOT reply from emails sent by this email address:

All the best,