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    Best Check fraud scam ever

    just got hit by the best check writing fraud scam ever.
    here is how it works...
    person a -part of scam
    person b-business proprieter part of scam
    person c -check writer part of scam
    person d- the patsy or scapegoat
    person e- the actual victim

    person c writes a check to business
    person b accepts check at business
    person a is optional for extra witness to sign testimoney against person d

    first person c steals check from person E. And then writes the check to a business where person b is working and accepts check. when itis reported as a fraud or cancelled, person b reports that person d wrote the check. since person accepting check signs testimony that the check was written by person d, there will be no writing analysis to check to see who actually wrote it, so an innocent person is charged with a crime they didn't commit and the criminals get away with check fraud and theft from the actual victim. if the owner of the account cancels the check to prevent the fraudulent check from clearing, the police look at person B as the victim even though they are part of the crime.

    this works especially well in Illinois were the police are lazy and just as corrupt as the court appointed attorneys. and it works especially well for acquiring free stuff where there are no cameras such as paying for your car to be towed if you have a friend that operates a tow truck.
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    Re: Best Check fraud scam ever

    and beware, by cancelling the check you may be charged for the crime if you are the target that the thieves deside to sign testimonies against.

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