Let me preface this report by saying this is my personal experience and opinion. Nothing more. I am posting this to maybe help people in my similar situation from getting into something they have no interest in doing. I wasted my time, money, and gas in participating in this process. I am posting this to help others from doing the same.

Beware of "Entry Level Marketing" jobs. Not only in Nashville, but these exist everywhere.

I went into this thinking it was too good to be true, but still kept an open mind. Everyone you talk to on the phone and in the office is very nice. Showed up for the first interview to employees having a nice sit down lunch in the conference room. Wasn't sure if this was planned or not, but it seemed like a good way to "sell" working there from the get-go. Walked down a hall to an office where the interview would be held that was next to two empty offices (weird, right?). Did the first interview, and the manager of the office basically asked some general questions that could've been copied and pasted from Monster.com. I'm pretty sure the company has their members search resumes on Monster.com or Indeed.com and find recent college graduates or young people that might be vulnerable to something like this. Beware of fairly new companies that are "looking to expand" or are "opening new offices". Some of these companies continually change their company name as to avoid posts like this following them. Also, watch out for company websites that display a bunch of their workers having a great time socializing, but doesn't really explain actually what their company does.

Immediately got a second interview where I was told it would be a "job shadowing" and I should "wear comfortable shoes" as I would be walking some. If you hear those words in the mention of a follow-up interview, be careful as you might be getting into the same thing I did. Anyone who can hold a decent conversation with another human being is given the second interview, but you are still "congratulated" as if you are special. I was told the company worked for various companies like Samsung, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. They help increase sales and influence in particular areas of the country. This one in particular worked exclusively with AT&T U-Verse. Long story short, I traveled about 30 minutes outside of Nashville (so far I couldn't even call a taxi to come get me) where I would participate in assisting a current employee to go door-to-door to "sell" AT&T U-Verse, all this while wearing a church suit in Tennessee summer heat. Basically, AT&T uses current or past phone and/or U-Verse customers to try and sell digital cable/internet bundles. So basically if AT&T has your contact information, they can send one of these representatives to your residence to try and sell you their product. They make it seem like they are just going throughout the neighborhood notifying people of "recent line work AT&T has been doing around the area". When in fact, they are just trying to sell an AT&T U-Verse package to the house in exchange for a $100 commission.

If you hear the mention of "face-to-face sales" or "they're looking to hire a manager to start off in an entry level position", it's probably the same thing. I did some research and it turns out there are many companies like this. I actually got contacted by another one of these companies today and as soon as they mentioned "U-Verse" I just simply stated I wasn't interested.

Unless you are interested in a 100% comission-based job with no base salary where you are asked to travel a lot with your own vehicle with no gas money reimbursement doing door-to-door sales (claimed to be face-to-face marketing), stay away from this job. This is essentially a pyramid scheme where you if you work hard enough, you will move up the ladder and one day you could eventually own your own branch. Once you get past the second level on the ladder, you start earning 20% of the office's profit from commission sales. Eventually (if you work hard enough), you'll be able to open your own office, working with whichever company you choose, managing your own employees etc. (this is where the "looking to hire a manager to start off in an entry level position" comes in).

Don't get me wrong... This is an ideal job for some people. Some people are perfectly fine with earning depending on how hard they work. Its just not something for me, so that's why I'm posting this here.