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    Ukraine Malaysia Boeing 777 hoax: the CORE LIE - "Putin" has main disinfo role

    Ukraine: Malaysia Boeing 777 downed - the core lie
    The core lie of this event totally staged with actors:
    - a plane crashed, or in other words: there were not ZERO dead passengers.
    This is the core lie because exposing it implies exposing two underlying core lies:
    - "Putin" is NOT part of the conspiracy.
    - government of Republic of Donetsk, installed after the May 16 coup with russian Alexander Borodai as prime-minister, is NOT part of the conspiracy.

    Reminder: The most important reason to use fake instead of real victims: to have everyone in the cast say nothing but what is written in the script.
    If a real airliner was downed the victim's families would blame the obvious culprits not the scripted ones.

    Boeing downed "exposed": Flight MH17 - What You're Not Being Told: Course 101 on the illuminati web of disinfo
    This video does nothing but to sell the core lie about the event.
    In other words: the author immediately exposes himself as a member of the illuminati web of disinfo, the same web where "Putin" plays the main role.

    All fake: Malaysia Boeing 777 downed over Ukraine = Boston Marathon bombings: "Putin" in the MAIN role to convince the audience that these are real events.
    WHY it was staged:

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