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    fraud company www.kitkom.de Contact josecriSanto65

    Dear IT partners,

    Please watch out this company www.kitkom.de, they are fraud and make fake products, and never send any payment to them, the only result is you lose money and clients. they stole real serial number from real distributions and they fake them on fake products and sell them as genuine, we have get reports from 3 of our members get cheated, never deal with them. here is their contact information:
    Scam Skype: josecriSanto65
    ScamEmail: jc@dolphin.ag
    Or even more emails domains.

    Safe business, never work with them.

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    Email Scam jc@dolphin.ag, info@kitkom.de

    be careful with this email jc@dolphin.ag
    they are scam

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