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    Illuminati in disbelief about what unfolds against all odds since 2011: WHY the show still goes on

    Published Oct 2013. Parts added due to "missing Boeing 777" and the events in the Ukraine/Novorossiya are signaled as update.

    2011: everyone on stage just waits for the curtain to fall. Against all odds the show still goes on.
    Proclamation of Hitler's oldest daughter, Angela Merkel's (daughter of Gretl Braun) half-sister, as 44th and first woman ever president of the USA, the real successor of GW Bush:
    Illuminati were surprised how tbey were forced to repeatedly postpone the Hillary Clinton script since early 2009.
    After Jan 2011 the reason for postponing this act is the same as for postponing two other acts: the destruction of Israel (required by the illuminati's anti-Bible) and the completion of the break-up of Russia.

    Illuminati in disbelief about what unfolds against all odds since 2011
    70 years ago the illuminati were stunned by:
    - their greatest military defeat ever, the defeat in World War II, the war to end all wars, 1943 at Stalingrad sealed months later at Kursk
    - the creation of Israel 1948.
    Since 2011 illuminati are stunned by how they are forced to again and again postpone the BIG BANG, where two of the acts are the destruction of Israel and the final break-up of Russia.
    The most stunning:
    All because a few people were ready to die instead of becoming slaves in 2011, the start of the Arab Spring. Update: and again April 2014, the start of the revolt in Donetsk and Lugansk, Novorossiya.

    Jan 2011: All pieces in place to play the final move:
    Illuminazis forced to postpone the BIG BANG seems impossible, because:
    - no problem selling to the audience as "black is white" the only armed resistance to the "New World Order": freedom fighters resisting the occupation and the genocide in Afghanistan, Iraq and DPR Congo portrayed as Taliban, jihadists, terrorists.
    - citizens all around the world were nearly completely disarmed, by ...
    - at least 193 heads of UN states who are in fact nazi agents doing nothing but to execute orders from Alexander Adolf Hitler, the illuminati Grand Master.

    Two of them have special missions in parallel scripts of self-destruction:
    - Israel, totally controlled by illuminazi agents since the 1975 coup;
    - Russia, where illuminati regained complete control after Putin was murdered and replaced by an impostor.

    Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt
    .... not to mention the rest of the nazi agents playing islamists in the Middle East, from Turkey to Saudi Arabia:
    All calling for the destruction of Israel and ready to play their part in the final act, all officially supplied with weapons by NATO and/or Russia:
    - Iran "one step" from becoming the second muslim state to have the atomic bomb;
    - Syria supplied with the largest arsenal of chemical weapons;
    - Iraq supplied with 4 billions in airforce jets alone.
    - Egypt's Mubarak denouncing previous peace treaties with Israel;
    - Lebanon controlled by Hezbollah, supplied via Assad and Iran.
    - Gaza controlled by Hamas, supplied via Mubarak and Gulf states.

    Preliminaries of the BIG BANG,
    - sovereign debt hoax in EU states from Greece to Portugal, to cover-up the transfer of assets to the illuminati central safe and as psy-op preparing the controlled demolition of banks.
    - resignation of Glory of the Olive Benedict XVI, actor Jonathan Pryce plays Pope Francis, Peter the Roman, two popes first time ever;
    - controlled collapse of Russia's economy, with impostor "Putin" completing the transfer of russian assets to illuminati central safes.
    - Obama kills Osama Bin Laden, both played by the same ethnic indonesian actor "married" to a transvestite, in the anti-Bible's role of Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation.
    - stage set for the bombastic ressurrection of Obama Bin Laden (updated: in other words, Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 disappears);
    - Ukraine (updated): impostor impersonating murdered Yanukovich flees to Russia after staged coup;
    - Ukraine: first regime officially celebrating Hitler's Waffen SS since 1945 installed;
    - Ukraine: anyone with russian as native language declared subhuman or untermensch, detained and transported to extermination camps;
    - disarm citizens agenda completed in the USA.

    - resurrection of Obama Bin Laden, ascending from the Indian Ocean attached to the missing Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines;
    - actor Obama arrested on live TV, stripped of all titles, sentenced to be hanged.
    - Pope Francis stripped of all titles, arrested together with most cardinals.
    - Pope Benedict proclaimed the only real pope since 2005, before he turns off the lights at the Vatican.
    - Hillary Clinton proclaimed 44th president, successor of GW Bush.
    - actor "Putin" flees to China after staged coup in Moscow.
    - Putin's successor welcomes NATO and the break-up Russia is completed: from Kaliningrad immediately returned to Germany to an "independent" Siberia.
    - Israel wiped off the map, by all out attack with chemical weapons (mainly Assad), airforce jets and mini-nukes (Iran), while Israel military gets contradictory orders from the treasonous government.
    - supervised race war in the US and EU, mass detentions, extermination camps;
    - various bio weapons (virus & Co) unleashed to kill billions.

    BASICS - Start at any of these pages:
    The second Malaysia Boeing 777, the one that was not yet scripted in Jan 2011.
    * STOP * clicking Malaysia Boeing 777 downed in Ukraine "news": ALL was already said 6 hours after the theater began.
    Because no airliner was downed, it's all staged with actors, some play fake rebels.
    The script is as simple as this:
    1- divert russian audience from the ongoing genocide, as Lugansk became the first half a million city to be indiscriminately bombed in Europe since World War II.
    2- rebels blamed for downing the plane
    3- NATO enters the war bombing the rebels. Nazi agent impersonating Putin opens the gates for the nazi German government to send the Army (Bundeswehr) to patrol the Ukrainian-russian border.

    US shutdown theater not yet completed because of Novorossiya revolution:

    For fake jews start with the Federal Reserve Bank and the imminent BIG BANG:
    Janet Yellen is Martha Stewart, Ben Shalom Bernanke is Paul Krugman without toupee. Best joke: Stan Fischer is governor of Bank of Israel.
    Jews, root of all evil: Read these 10 lines so that you'll never ever click again this type of illuminati propaganda
    - "Harry S Truman" was in fact Robert Ritter von Greim, Hitler's last Luftwaffe commander.
    - the leader of the IV Reich is Alexander Adolf Hitler, older son of William Patrick Hitler.
    - Angela and Hillary are half-sisters, both Hiter's daughters.
    - Israel is controlled by impostors impersonating murdered resisters (Sharon), traitors (Peres) and fake jews (Nethanyahu alias Ben Netai alias John J Sullivan) since the 1975 coup.

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