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    Anyone know about Jeweleryroom.com ?

    I got this email from someone and I will post it about Jeweleryroom.com? When people email me, I always wonder why they don't sign up and post the question themselves. I am flattered that people think I know every single website on the internet, that's why when you sign up here, you have millions of people that will see your post and share your experiences. So I am using this an an example to help people with their problems.

    Hi I'm wanting to know if anyone has a report on a site I have come across Jeweleryroom.com . I have not found any bad reviews , be good to know if it is okay to use or not . Thought Id check with the pro"s on the subject . My son said you guys are in the know , I am a Mum of 5 and don't have alot of time to waste , any feedback would be great , I am not the computer pro couldn't find when I tried to do a search in your up to date cool site lol.

    Thanks for your time - Ang
    After looking at this it seems like it is one of those domain name landing pages. I see no legit business.
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