Even though the Desert Storm war was over very quickly, it does live on in the history books. The veterans were scammed and continue to be victims of scams. While it was triumphant for the United Nations and for the United States, many veterans have not forgotten about what took place there. It is important to remember these men and women for their efforts. They put their own safety on the line to be able to fight for their country.

Many of these veterans of Desert Storm have stories to share of what their personal experience was. This is the type of information you wont find just by reading history books. Hopefully you can get these stories first hand from family or friends who were a part of Desert Storm. Some of the veterans come to speak at assemblies as well. There are plenty of stories these veterans can share with you online as well.

Through the eyes of the veterans of Desert Storm though you will see a new picture of the events. Too many people have the believe that it was a quick and easy plight due to how fast it was implemented and then over with. Yet these veterans can tell you storms of being afraid, if seeing death, and of wondering if they would be going back home or if their fate would also be to die during the war.

There are various memorials in place to show our honor to the veterans of Desert Storm. This is an effort to help ensure they will always be remembered for their bravery. We also need to be providing those same veterans with the medial help them need. Some of the scars from this war are on their bodies. They need help getting around and doing their daily activities. Others have illnesses that may be related to chemical weapons initiated by Iraq. They have attacked their nervous system and other parts of their bodies.

Other scars they suffered from Desert Storm are emotional though and you cant see them. The number of veterans from this war diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is very high. As a result there is ongoing treatment for them including counseling and even medication. This continued support is important in order to repay each of these veterans for what they did for us.