Have you been approached by The Idea Hub www.theideahub.co.uk about applying for their accelerator ?

This company is 100% a scam that targets startup companies and their founders with the promise of funding and backing of a large corporate. The aim is to get sensitive information about their business only to sell it to your competitors. Their current targets are companies in the electronic cigarette and nicotine replacement space.

There are a few giveawys as to the fact that this is not a legitimate accelorator. Besides the fact that they solicit you, as opposed to the opposite (given that most decent accelerators are oversubscribed), their website also has no information about the management team behind the program, contact address or telephone number .
All calls you receive from them will be on a withheld number and they won't provide a mobile or office number to call back.

They have no track record, nor portfolio of companies that have been through their program. When pressed on this, one of their reps will say they are brand new, even though this is supposedly their second cohort.

For an accelerator that supposedly is backed by a ''major corporation'', the identity of whom they are ''unable to disclose unless your application is successfull', there is surprisingly no press at all about this accelerator.

Stay well clear of them, they are not who they say they are. http://www.theideahub.co.uk/