"The best deceptions are founded on truth".

Here we have someone in a position of perceived power and influence. This is someone with connections. They offer to forward your music to these "connections" for a fee.

If you google the owner of this company, he can be found to be affiliated with celebs and prominent music and film people. This is exactly why no one would immediately suspect him of running a sideline of exploitation.

I cannot speak for other people, and the guy is exactly who he claims to be, however, I have evidence that shows (as far as my encounter with him is concerned) that he doesn't do what he claims to do with the music he receives from certain aspiring musicians, yet he still charges a fee for this alleged service. It appears that he lures you in with his reputation and gains your trust and then watches you part with your money.

Throw in several inconsistencies and lack of corroboration between him (good cop) and his "bad cop" sister, and we have an operation that stinks to high hell.

I would away from Minoan Music. There are many other alternatives out there that are genuine and will not ask you for money up front.

And before Minoan come across this thread and start threatening and calling anyone a liar, let them know that I have documents/emails/evidence of conversations which I have compiled into a nice little video which paints them in a very bad light indeed. Think carefully...