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    Russia: 70 years later Nazis come again for their Lebens(t)raum. Impostor Putin opens the gates

    Russia: 70 years later, Nazis coming again for their Lebens(t)raum.
    All explained in advance only by Last Prophet.
    Nazi agent impersonating Putin opens the gates for the nazi German government to send the Army (Bundeswehr) to patrol the Ukrainian-russian border.
    Nazis in the role of peacekeepers.
    Same as for years now in Kosovo, Bosnia, DPR Congo and Somalia, or in the last months alone in Mali, Central African Republic and South Sudan.

    "UN Peacekeepers": currently 120,000 mercenaries, the second largest Army of the IV Reich, second to NATO only.
    - bomb freedom fighters (Bosnia 1994 and Serbia 1999: still executed by NATO alone)
    - "ethnic" cleansing and genocide of the targeted groups (Rwanda 1994: still in a passive role, "just" used to conceal it by simply being present while it was ongoing).

    Previous and still ongoing act:
    Lugansk, first half a million city to be indiscriminately bombed in Europe since World War II.
    - directly at the russian border.
    - in an area where in a 100 miles radius, from Kharkiv to Mariopol, from Donetsk to Rostov, 98% of the population has russian as native language and opposes the Kiev nazi regime.
    Bombing of civilians not by NATziO but "just" by a NATO "ally", the first installed puppet government in Europe to officially:
    - honor the Waffen SS nazi butchers.
    - remake the Kristallnacht 1938, burning innocents inside buildings because of their "ethnicity", starting May 2 at Odessa.
    - wipe out entire towns by indiscriminately bombing civilians.

    Jul 19, Die Welt newspaper
    CDU does not exclude Bundeswehr troops in Ukraine
    With the launch of a passenger plane Ukraine conflict has given a new dimension. The Union encourages consequences. The time was ripe for a UN peacekeeping operation.

    * STOP * clicking Malaysia Boeing 777 downed in Ukraine "news": ALL was already said 6 hours later
    Why you should stop reading "updates" on these "news"
    Because the script is as simple as this:
    1- rebels blamed for downing the plane
    2- NATO partly under the guise of UN peacekeepers enters the war bombing the rebels and completing the "ethnic" cleansing and genocide.

    No airliner was downed. In other words: a story totally staged with actors, same as the Boston Marathon bombings.
    No airliner was downed. In other words: a story totally staged with actors, same as the Boston Marathon bombings.
    In both acts "Putin" has the same main role: to convince the audience that it's a real event. Reduced:
    - "Tsarnaev brothers" are not actors but indeed terrorists;
    - "gunmen" securing the "crash" site are not fake but indeed real rebels.
    Previous episode of in the script "NATO enters war in Ukraine" FULLY exposed worldwide only by Last Prophet:
    Russia 'agrees to reopen Cuba spy base' theater: nazi agent "Putin" playing his part in setting the stage for NATO officially entering Ukraine.

    Global Slavery, Global Genocide: Role of "UN peacekeepers": South Sudan for a start:

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    Re: Russia: 70 years later Nazis come again for their Lebens(t)raum. Impostor Putin opens the gates

    good god MAN!? i think i'll go back to WATCHIN lil abner on my cable channel!? makes MORE sense then THIS HYPERACTIVE imagination of YOURS!? :errr: :judges: :freak3: :
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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