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    Howard Stern Makes Jewish People Look Bad

    I am Jewish myself and have been listening to Howard Stern for over 20 years now. He makes Jewish people look really bad. He has mentally destroyed all of his employees for decades on air and some people would say that it is a 'bit' or 'schtick' comedy. It might be for Howard Stern but to his employees it is like they are held hostage and are victims of Stockholm Syndrome. He cuts them down, tears them apart, and acts holier than thou. Getting back to Jewish people. All the stereotypes come to the surface. Money, control, basic 'slavery' with everyone around him. He exploits everyone for financial and ratings gain. He tarnishes our people just like Jerry Springer does with exploiting the white trash of America. He has calmed down more with age, but listen to his old broadcasts, you will agree with me I guarantee. The cherry on top is that he cares more about animals than his employees. He probably has raised more money for cats and dogs than what he pays his loyal brainwashed employees. He shuns our religion yet screams at people that are anti-Semitic. We don't want you Howard. Play your atheist card asshole for now on.
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    Re: Howard Stern Makes Jewish People Look Bad

    Howard Stern makes the entire human race look bad imo.
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