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    Online Consulting Career Scams

    This thread is to educate you on the online consulting business.
    You can work from home and create on online consulting website
    and presence and avoid scams. Please talk about your experiences
    and expose scammers here.

    Online Consulting Services

    Online consulting services use trained associated to help
    businesses get the most out of the information technology
    environment. This helps businesses save time, reduce costs
    and improve knowledge.

    Online consulting services provide support solutions
    including business analysis, networking, hardware, software
    and user support. If you work well with your online
    consulting service, you are sure to get a great result.

    If you are looking for complete solutions, you should
    consider an online consulting service for your business.

    Online consulting services usually provide technical
    support, network design, and installation. Online
    consulting services also provide businesses with thorough
    IT assessment. The assessment helps the consulting service
    perform the needed services to help the business.

    Online consulting services can also provide online forms,
    newsletters and templates for your websites. They are
    designed to provide you with ongoing support.

    They will help to improve your office automation and
    optimize your businesses performance. It will also help
    increase customer, partner and employee productivity. Time
    and distance constraints are now not a problem.

    Take advantage of online consulting services and let pros
    help implement and optimize your programs. Expert
    assistance will ensure your business gets all the help it

    They can show you how to do it, tell you how to do it or do
    it all for you. The Internet is a huge tool and should be
    used to its fullest extent.

    There are many online consulting companies out there just
    waiting for your business. All it takes it you to seek them
    out and utilize what they have to offer.

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    Online Medical Consulting Careers

    Online Medical Consulting

    New surveys have shown that the majority of people want
    email access to their physicians and more than half would
    change doctors to go to one who provided such a service.

    Also more than forty percent of patients would pay for
    online access to their physician. This could include
    emails, teleconferencing, online consultations and web cam

    Online consultation allows physician√*s access to their
    patients over the Internet and allows them to securely
    communicate with them while still getting paid for their

    Physicians can communicate not only with patients, but also
    with hospitals, other practitioners and providers and
    others in the health care industry.

    There is websites set-up now that offer online consulting
    to both doctors and patients. One such is medem.com.

    Getting started with an online consultation is easy and
    takes about fifteen minutes to set-up. All it takes is
    going to the website and registering online. For patients
    it is as easy as creating an iHealthRecord.

    You can then sign up for education programs and begin to
    communicate with your physician. You can seek out a new
    physician or meet with your own doctor if they are
    available on the network.

    Talk to your physician about signing up for a service like
    online consultations. It will save the both of you time and

    With the rising prices of travel and the increasing number
    of people who are seeking out the doctor√*s time and advice,
    your physician can spend more time with each patient and
    decrease his workload at the same time. It would also help
    those doctors who are treating patients who are too sick to
    leave their homes.

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    Online Tax Consulting Careers

    Online Tax Consultation

    A CPA is an e-mail away. Online tax consultation is now
    readily available thanks to the participation of numerous
    CPAs. When tax time comes around, many people have
    numerous questions and they dont always know a CPA they
    can ask, or sometimes they cant take the time off work to
    go visit one.

    Now, there are CPAs willing to dispense their advice day
    and night to those willing to ask. Now there is no excuse
    or reason not to ask those questions.

    Though there is a slight cost to the online consultation,
    it is unreasonably low. Some sites even offer you a free
    trial or even 2 free questions a month. It doesnt get much
    more affordable than that.

    You get to establish a CPA-client relationship in a
    comfortable environment, online in your own home. If you
    like the CPA you are working with, you are able to work
    further with them, if not, you are then able to seek out
    others who may better fit your personality and needs.

    What happens is when you are ready to ask a question, you
    log into the system as a member and ask the question. You
    typically have CPAs to choose from and the chosen CPA will
    respond to you within about 3 days.

    You will receive an email notification when your question
    is answered, but it is good to check back regularly until
    your question is answered. This is a very beneficial
    service and anyone with a tax question should take the time
    to set up an online tax consultation.

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    Online Travel Consulting Careers

    Online Travel Consultation

    Today there are so many people who go on the Internet to
    buy everything. This includes researching and booking
    travel plans.

    Online Travel Consultation is so popular now that it is
    even causing the shutdown of brick and mortar travel
    agencies. There are countless numbers of websites now that
    offer their online travel consulting.

    This is becoming an overly popular occupation amongst stay
    at home moms or telecommuters. Many people now want to work
    from home so they can stay home with their kids so more and
    more online travel agents and online travel consultants are
    popping up every day.

    Even popular travel sites now offer free online travel
    consultation. They will give you the information on where
    you want to go, when the best time to go is and the popular
    attractions for the area.

    They can help you to plan and book your entire vacation and
    many people will go back to that same person time and again
    if they enjoyed their trip the first time.

    Many people who work as online travel consultants worked in
    the travel industry at some time. Whether they worked on an
    airplane, as a travel agent or some such other occupation,
    they are now finding a growing business from the comfort of
    their homes.

    Commuting costs are gone, babysitter costs are gone, and
    lets face it, most moms want to be home with their kids
    while they are little.

    So whether you just need some questions answered or you
    need to make itinerary changes, there really is nothing
    easier than an online travel consultant.

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    Online Psychic Consulting Career Scams

    Online Psychic Consultation

    Gone are the days of boring telephone psychic
    consultations. With technology being what it is today, we
    are now able to communicate on a -face to face- basis
    without anyone leaving his or her homes or workplaces.

    Now that most every home has a computer with an Internet
    connection and web cameras are a dime a dozen, we are now
    able to have those -face to face- readings done online.

    You can now see and speak with your online psychic for a
    consultation instead of hearing a voice over the phone with
    an unknown face. The psychic community has always been at
    the mercy of skeptics but with these online psychic
    consultations, you can be assured a genuine consultation.

    The best readings are performed in person where the psychic
    can get a feel for the individual and their aura. Many say
    they can sense the person√*s energy through the telephone
    and many wont do actual face-to-face readings.

    But now with live web cam readings, this is quickly
    changing. Now you can have you favorite psychic in your
    home and see just how accurate their readings actually are.

    The benefits to the person receiving the reading are being
    able to actually see the person giving your reading. You
    can discover how the psychic really works and become better
    in tune with your reader.

    There are reports of an increased level of feedback from
    the reader and you are able to better know the psychic your
    talking to. People are even able to utilize this if they
    don√*t have a web cam available. The psychic has their own
    web cam and microphone and will talk to you and give your
    reading just the same.

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    Online Financial Consulting Career

    People today are looking for ways to make their hard earned
    money last. We are a society where the majority of us live
    paycheck to paycheck and not many people have plans or
    savings for the future.

    This is making online financial consultation more and more
    popular. There are some steps that one goes through when
    planning an online financial consultation.

    Most companies will set up an initial evaluation. This is
    the driving force behind a long-term financial plan. It is
    a critical phase where the client provides comprehensive
    financial information to the consultant.

    Then consideration is given to both monetary and monetary
    goals. The key items looked at are net worth, goal setting,
    asset allocation, investment performance, estate and income
    tax, risk tolerance insurance needs and overall special

    Now, this may sound a bit overwhelming, but for the
    professionals who do online financial consultations, it is
    just the basics. That is why it is smartest to go to a

    After the initial evaluation, your online financial
    consultant will begin the strategic planning phase. This is
    where the comprehensive planning for your future begins.

    The planning is based on such strategic areas as
    investments, risk management, income tax, stock options,
    charitable giving, retirement, wealth preservation, wealth
    transfer business succession and estate.

    The final part is the ongoing monitoring of your financial
    plan. This is the source of creative ideas and solutions
    building your wealth.

    In this phase, the online financial consultant will measure
    investment performance, provide a quarterly reporting and
    continued strategic assessment and refinement as requested.

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    Online Bridal Consulting Careers

    Online Bridal Consultation

    You can plan the wedding of your dreams all at the tips of
    your fingers. Online bridal consultation is a growing trend
    with the prospects of getting bigger as time goes by.

    Planning a wedding is stressful and time consuming. It is
    one of the most important days in a woman√*s life and she
    wants everything to be perfect and what better way than to
    hire an online bridal consultant? Take charge and have the
    wedding you want.

    With the online bridal consultant, you can learn how to do
    everything from planning a budget, writing the newspaper
    announcement, planning the engagement parties, information
    about diamonds and rings, etiquette for invitations and
    etiquette for wedding style and formality. And that is just
    the beginning.

    Online bridal consultations can help you with the most
    important part of the wedding, keeping focus. There is so
    much to know, so much to plan, so many things to do that it
    is easy to get overwhelmed.

    But the online bridal consultant can keep you on track.
    They can notify you when it is the key time to do complete
    certain tasks, like when to send the invitations, when to
    book the band, when to register for gifts. The online
    bridal consultant can become your best friend if you
    utilize their talents properly.

    Your online bridal consultant will also continue to help
    you after the wedding. They will instruct you on the
    etiquette for thank you notes and when to send them. They
    will also be available if you should decide to have a first
    wedding anniversary party.

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    Re: Online Consulting Career Scams

    Almost 90% of company are frauds which don't pay money after submitting the completed work.

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