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Thread: Teen MLM

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    Teen MLM

    Teen MLMers: Be your own Boss!

    Do you want to earn your own money but you are too young to qualify for a part time job? Do you have the drive to earn money through hard work and perseverance? Would you rather prefer to be your own boss and earn your own money? Then you surely have the raw ingredients to become a successful MLMer. These are the beginnings of an MLMer: a good business idea, a desire to make good money, an aspiration to become your own boss. Successful businesses grow from these seeds. If you have these, then you should consider becoming an MLMer.

    Steps to becoming a Teen MLMer

    Entering the world of MLMership is not an easy endeavor. It requires a lot of thought and careful thinking. The first step is very important: you must understand and know yourself and what kind of MLMer you can be. Evaluate yourself and find out what interests you; what are the things that are most fun to you; what stuff do you know most about. From your answers to these questions, you can find many excellent ideas to start your own business. You should also ask yourself how hard you are willing to work to make your business a success.

    Great Ideas for a Teen MLMer

    Being a teen doesnt mean you can not think up a great idea for business. Think creatively and innovatively, explore different possibilities and solutions to problems, observe the latest trends ñ from these you can surely spot an excellent business idea you can start on. You can also get great MLMerial ideas from friends, family, teachers, library research and the internet. Afterwards, you can start researching about your business idea. Strive to know and understand the ins and outs of your prospective business. You should understand that business essentially involves buying and selling. Some understanding of the law of supply and demand will go a long way.

    Got a great business idea! What now?

    Now that youíve found an excellent business idea, ask yourself the following important questions: Is it practical? Will people take notice of it? Will it fulfill a need? Do you have the capability to realize this business idea? Can you deliver high quality products or services? Is there a substantial demand for your business? If not, can you create that demand? Where will you get the capital to finance your business? All these questions must be addressed before you start establishing your business.

    Business Ideas for Promising Teen MLMers

    With the huge array of business ideas that are available for the budding teen MLMer, finding the one right for you may be a daunting task. Here are some promising business ideas that promising teen MLMers like you may find interesting.

    Teen MLMer Idea # 1: Candle Making

    Candles are very popular as home dÈcor and accessories nowadays. You probably have a decorative candle in your bedroom or living room. Why not create your own personalized candles and sell them to your friends and acquaintances. Learning how to make candles is actually quite easy. This makes candle making an excellent idea for money-making. You can start by learning how to make candles and where to buy your materials.

    You can find candle making resources and materials from craft stores, community centers and candle-making studios. If you already have family and friends who make candles as a hobby, you can ask them to teach you the basics of the craft. Just be creative and display your artistic nature in the candles you make. Afterwards you can sell your personalized candles to your friends, family members, neighbors, flea markets, bazaars, farmersí markets, etc. You can also sell your candles through internet malls and eBay.

    Teen MLMer Idea # 2: Run Errands

    If you like moving around, keeping busy and multitasking, then running errands for other people for a fee can be a good idea for business. As we all know, todayís fast paced lifestyles means that many of the people you know might not have the time to do simple chores such as buying groceries, walking the pet, mowing the loan, washing the car, etc. Why not start your own service business by offering to do these errands for a fee. Ask around your friends, neighborhood and even family members to see if they need someone to do their errands for them. You can also post brochures and flyers that advertise your services.

    These are just two of the many business ideas that teen MLMers like you can consider. Just remember that any business endeavor requires hard work and perseverance to be successful. With the right mindset and the right dose of enthusiasm, you can surely start your own business and make money in no time at all.

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    Re: Teen MLM

    A Call to All Young MLMs: Leverage for Your Small Home Based Business

    Being a young MLM, your small business is only as good for all those people who know about it. And for those who don't know, well they simply don't care.

    After all the hardships you have gone through while starting up your business. After all those attempt to give it all up and return back to more secured corporate living. After all the risks you have to pass through. And now that you have toughed them all, the only aim that you now have is to make your small business grow.

    Well, that actually is not as simple as it may sound. Making your small business grow will lead you to more compromises. This entails you to take further risks. It is harder this time of course because you are delving into deeper realms of risk. Sometime, the absence of assurance for success will make it more difficult for you to get on through the next level.

    One of the many paths to growth from your youth in MLMship towards maturity is to spread words of your small home based business. You may posses the best of the products in the industry but there would be no sense to them if the only people who know are those that are within your block. Your product may have the potentials of breaching million dollar sales but if no one buys it, there is no sense in dreaming of becoming a tycoon.

    Start promoting yourself and your services. Some small home based business young MLMs begin promoting their products even before they were fully launched. However, there are many who do promotions only when they have tapped the estimated potentials of their items. You always have the choice between the two though.

    There are two basic techniques that you may use to take your small home based business into the scene. One is through paid advertisement and the other through public relations.

    Paid advertisements require the process of negotiating with advertising agencies and stations to have your product promoted. Mediums like televisions, websites, newspapers and radio spots are among the most typical options you have.

    In public relations however, you would have to ask an author to have your story and your business venture written on articles or an expert as search reference. The only problem though is that you have to be convincing or your story must have that extra pop so as to be worthy of mention.

    While publicity may oftentimes require you to share the toll of finding a writer to work for your home based business, there is still no way for you to disregard the benefits of having your story advertised. It also has cost effective feature since you seldom pay for such an advertising medium. But the better part goes with the truth that you can be better remembered with an article rather than in a TV commercial. People normally have more trust on a write-up rather than paid advertisement showed in TV or in the internet. Publicity also offers the potentials of reaching through various people and if you have that good streak of luck, the national audience may be reached by your story.

    Even the online world recognizes that actual power of television advertisements than using links and postings on message boards. There are many times when the website has become successful because it was featured on a television show. Thus, discarding all the "almost useful" power of drawing people through creating juggling lines of links in the web.

    The media works on herd mentality. Once a program caught site of what your home based business has to offer, other programs may have the hitch of spreading the word further. Thus, you can expect other shows to modify your own story to supplement for their own. This is very effective indeed since you will have your advertisement without spending a dime while reaching wide spectrum of audience.

    The problem though comes with attracting journalist and writers towards your home based small business story.

    Plan your target points. Your aim is to court writers towards writing your tale. Never put them off by sending bulks of email to virtually all journalists that you know. Point only towards those who are in the beat with your story. Identify what publications will find your venture useful and know which kind will use your story. Try making a list of newspapers, radio programs and television spots that will work well with your aim. If you truly want publicity, go direct with personal emails or letters to those who are most likely to find your small home based business story interesting.

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